Classic CoD class feature would be the perfect way to fix Vanguard’s Perk “hell”

Hamza Khalid
Vanguard Operator and Cold War wildcard

Vanguard players are frustrated with the current state of Perks in the game and are asking for the developers to bring a classic Call of Duty feature to fix this issue.

Perks grant Call of Duty players abilities that will give them a competitive edge during combat, such as being able to hide from enemy UAVs, becoming more resistant against explosive damage, or swapping between weapons quicker.

While these can be useful, Vanguard players feel that certain Perks make the game less fun and are calling for the developers to fix this problem. Now, one player has suggested bringing back a classic CoD feature to get this done.

Piercing vision perk in CoD Vanguard

The Vanguard community has slammed Piercing Vision for being the “dumbest perk ever” as it gives players wallhacks, and Redditor ‘GandalfPlays6v6’ claims that it makes the game “literal COD hell.”

The user expressed their frustration with playing in lobbies of teams using the Piercing Vision, High Alert, and Intuition Perks. They then made a request for the developers to add a feature to counter these teams.

GandalfPlays6v6 wrote: “We need a wildcard or an ability to run 2 or 3 perks from the same category.” Wildcards are a Create-A-Class feature in CoD titles like Black Ops Cold War, and these provide special benefits to your class.

The Redditor claimed that swapping the Ninja Perk with Cold-Blooded made things more difficult, and having a wildcard or another special ability would allow players to equip multiple Perks from the same category at once.

Many of the commenters were on board with this idea, with one user comparing it to Perk Greed in Cold War. This is a Wildcard that allows players to equip an extra Perk from each Perk Category.

Quite a few players in the thread agreed that being able to equip 2-3 Perks from the same category would make things easier. One commenter stated: “If I could just run Fortified, Dauntless, and Cold-Blooded then the game would be perfect.”

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether or not Sledgehammer Games will listen to this suggestion and add a Wildcard that lets Vanguard players use multiple Perks from the same category.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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