Modern Warfare 2 tuning trick buffs every weapon with “zero downsides”

Modern Warfare 2 player aiming weapon at enemy

Weapon tuning is vital when it comes to getting the best out of your Modern Warfare 2 loadout, and CoD guru TheXclusiceAce has revealed a simple trick to reduce recoil and buff the range of all your weapons without any downsides.

Modern Warfare 2 players are constantly experimenting with different weapon loadouts and setups, trying to find the ideal combination that will guide them to victory. The meta is constantly evolving as new guns and a ton of balancing changes arrive with each major update.

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Infinity Ward also added the new weapon tuning feature in Modern Warfare 2, allowing players to further tailor their attachments to suit a specific playstyle or help counter any issues that would normally hold a gun back.

CoD expert TheXclusiveAce has shown off an easy tuning trick for fans to try out on their loadouts, improving the range and recoil of any weapon in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 expert reveals how to reduce recoil & buff range on all weapons

In his March 22 video, the YouTuber explained that equipping an ammo-type unlocks tuning opportunities that can make a real difference to how a weapon performs. Every MW2 ammo type comes with two sliders, one for recoil steadiness and bullet velocity, and one for recoil smoothness and damage range.

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He said adjusting the sliders on this attachment in favor of recoil steadiness and damage range comes with no drawbacks at all, while unlocking subtle stat boosts that can make your gun more effective.

TheXclusiveAce compared the recoil pattern of the M4 and VEL 46 when equipped with an ammo type tuned for steadiness and proved that both guns were easier to handle when using this trick.

“I can’t detect any difference whatsoever in bullet velocity when we tune in the direction of recoil steadiness,” he explained while looking at the two bullet maps. “As a result, there’s effectively zero downside.”

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Likewise, tuning the verticle slider toward damage range offers a “4.5%” buff to any weapon’s range, with “no noticeable disadvantages.” Applying this to any gun can buy you a few extra meters where it will still be killing as fast as possible.

While TheXclusiveAce did mention that these benefits aren’t drastic enough to completely change the Modern Warfare 2 meta, he did advise any players with a spare attachment slot to consider equipping an ammo type and use these tunings.

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In close Modern Warfare 2 matches where every shot counts, these small buffs could be the difference between winning a gunfight and waiting to respawn.

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