Modern Warfare 2 TikToker reveals secret hiding spots & exploits on every map

Hamza Khalid
modern warfare 2 embassy

A Modern Warfare 2 TikToker has discovered secret spots across the game’s maps and revealed the best way for players to use these locations to their advantage in battle.

Modern Warfare 2 is an intense Call of Duty title that pits you against skilled enemy players, and you’ll need to carefully plan out your strategy if you want to ensure that you come out victorious.

One way for you to increase your chances of victory is to find spots on the map that can give you a competitive edge. Now, one TikToker has revealed these spots to Modern Warfare 2 players.

TikToker ‘Varics’ has uploaded multiple videos showing off different spots across Modern Warfare 2’s maps and how players can reach them before using them to their advantage in battles.

One of these spots is located on the Embassy multiplayer map and players can access it by jumping from the top of the tennis court building onto the fence next to it. To see the hiding spot on map, head to the Varics TikTok account.

Since this area is a hotspot for Modern Warfare 2 players to visit, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to start picking off enemies and they may not be able to react to your surprise attack before it’s too late.

This Tiktok account also highlights similar spots across other multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare 2, such as the kitchen ceiling in Breenbergh Hotel. You can access this by placing a deployable cover on the ground and climbing on top of it.

So, unless your enemies have wised up to these tactics, it’s worth visiting these spots the next time you hop into an intense game of Modern Warfare 2 and are looking for a way to get a leg up over the competition.

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Image credits: Activision