Modern Warfare 2 players threaten to “boycott” CoD 2023 amid multiplayer frustrations

Nathan Warby
Modern Warafer 2 players on Santa Sena Border Crossing

Activision have reiterated that a premium CoD release will arrive in 2023, but Modern Warfare 2 players have suggested they could skip it altogether as frustrations over the lack of multiplayer content grow.

Following reports that Treyarch’s next Call of Duty game has been delayed until 2024, many fans wondered if 2023 would be the first year since 2004 where no mainline entry in the series was released.

Since then, Activision have repeatedly claimed that a “premium release” will arrive in 2023, seemingly developed by Sledgehammer Games. It’s been speculated that the release will actually be a large expansion of Modern Warfare 2, possibly containing more multiplayer maps and single-player content.

But following the reveal of whats to come in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, including the return of Gun Game, fans have claimed they won’t be buying it.

Reddit user ‘frosstyy’ shared a post on the MW2 subreddit, accusing the devs of “abandoning” the paid multiplayer in favor of Warzone 2, and urged players to skip this year’s entry.

“Considering how unacceptable and lackluster the content in this game has been, this talk of a full premium release this fall is concerning,” said the OP. “If this 2023 release is some BS like [a] MW3 Remastered expansion pack as a glorified map pack we HAVE TO BOYCOTT [the] release.”

Modern Warfare 2 players have repeatedly expressed their concerns over how little new content has been added since launch, and some felt that this ‘premium’ release could explain why the devs have been holding back.

“It’s a f**king scam intended to get as much money as possible from us through micro trans and drip-feeding content to keep as many people engaged and spending as possible,” argued ‘didyeay.’

Other players seemed to support the idea of skipping the new content, in favor of waiting for Treyarch’s game in 2024.

“I’m fairly certain I will NOT be buying anything this company foists upon us later this year,” said one reply. “I’ll take a break from CoD or just keep playing this one without whatever ‘Premium’ content is added.”

It’s worth keeping in mind that there is no official word on what CoD 2023 will look like. While it could be a paid extension of Modern Warfare 2, it could also be a brand-new game developed by Sledgehammer.

We expect Activision to reveal their plans in the coming months, so stay tuned for future updates.

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Image credit: Activision