CoD 2023 reportedly continues MW2 story & carries content to new title

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A Bloomberg report has revealed that while CoD 2023 is expected to be a full premium release, it will continue the Modern Warfare 2 story and will include new content as well as carry over content from MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 is currently enjoying its most successful period yet with Season 2 setting all-time highs in Twitch viewership and the new content being well received by players. However, it’s never too early to look to the future as reports concerning CoD 2023 continue to swirl.

On February 9, reports revealed that CoD 2023 would be a brand-new title developed by Sledgehammer Games and not a second year of Modern Warfare 2 as initially thought to be the case.

Now, on February 23, a new report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier indicates that CoD 2023 may still be tied to Modern Warfare 2 in many ways despite being a new premium release.

Schreier explains that the original plan was for a Modern Warfare 2 expansion to arrive in 2023, with Sledgehammer Games bringing new content to the game. The plan for a two-year cycle and support for Modern Warfare 2 was initially in the works, but as we know that all changed.

CoD 2023 to reportedly feature Modern Warfare 2 content

Sledgehammer Games is leading the development of CoD 2023, which will be a brand-new title. However, Schreier indicates that some of the ideas from the original plan remain intact.

The latest report reveals that CoD 2023 will continue the Modern Warfare 2 story and it will feature new multiplayer content.

It looks like CoD 2023 will continue the story told in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign and be a part of the Modern Warfare 2 universe in some way. After all, this doesn’t stray too much from Sledgehammer’s original task of developing expansion content.

While the Bloomberg report claims that CoD 2023 will deliver new multiplayer content, it also notes that so far, plans are for Modern Warfare 2 content to carry over to the new CoD 2023 title.

Other interesting notes from the Bloomberg report include Treyarch and Infinity Ward supporting Sledgehammer Games with development given the shortened period that they’ve had to work with.

In addition, Bloomberg also reports that Activision executives proposed a plan for the Call of Duty franchise that rotates Modern Warfare & Black Ops as the premium releases going forward, with each game receiving two years of post-launch support.

However, these plans can change drastically and largely depend on whether or not Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision will go through.

We’ll keep you covered when it comes to all of the latest updates concerning CoD 2023.

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