Modern Warfare 2 player shows how to build John Wick’s weapons

Nathan Warby
John Wick in front of Modern Warfare 2 map

CoD fans have been desperate to see a John Wick crossover in Modern Warfare 2, and one player has taken matters into their own hands by recreating the Baba Yaga’s weapons in-game.

Modern Warfare 2 has received a number of collaborations and crossovers since it arrived at the end of 2022. These have ranged from sports stars like Lionel Messi or Kevin Durant, to popular characters like Shredder from TMNT.

But one crossover that the community has been dying to see is John Wick, with fans repeatedly calling for the devs to release an Operator featuring star Keanu Reeves’ likeness and Weapon Blueprints inspired by the action movie franchise.

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While a Modern Warfare 2 John Wick collaboration is still just a pipe dream for now, one player has revealed how to create the character’s most iconic weapons in-game.

Reddit user ‘denzlegacy’ posted screenshots of four different loadouts based on each of the John Wick movies released to date, each recreating the guns used in certain memorable scenes.

The M4 build mimics the look of the CA-415 Wick used to take out Viggo’s men in the first film, while the Dragon’s Breath KV Broadside setup is inspired by the top-down scene in Chapter 4.

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They even included a version of John’s signature Pistol with the P890, which he used to great effect on more than one occasion.

If you’re tempted to become the Baba Yaga in your next Modern Warfare 2 match, the OP strongly recommended it after being asked if the loadouts “perform as awesome as it looks.”

They said: “I personally love running them! I prefer to run them in Hardcore with all weapons set to semi-auto but they can all hold their own in core, even with semi. I’ve had some good games and my trigger finger has gotten pretty twitchy.”

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So, while the wait for a John Wick crossover in Modern Warfare 2 goes on, these unique weapon loadouts are the perfect way to bring some movie magic to the game in the meantime.

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Image credit: Activision / Lionsgate Entertainment

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