Modern Warfare 2 players completely fed up with new Perk system

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 2 operators fighting

Modern Warfare 2 brought a brand-new Perk system into Call of Duty multiplayer, but the community doesn’t seem to be enjoying it.

Modern Warfare 2 has arrived with a brand-new campaign and multiplayer for fans to enjoy. The multiplayer usually takes center stage, and MW2 is no exception as players have been grinding out camos, leveling up as fast as possible, and sharing their experience online.

Infinity Ward’s latest addition to the Modern Warfare series changed a lot about Call of Duty multiplayer, from the UI to the Perk system.

Unfortunately, players haven’t taken too well to the new Perk system, with many in the community expressing frustration with the new way players earn and use Perks in multiplayer.

Reddit user IV32 expressed their opinion on the new MW2 Perk, saying “This Perk System Sucks,” feeling as if it is a “step back,” rather than an evolution for the franchise.

They explain their opinion further, saying that “you spend 90% of the game playing with two Perks,” as opposed to the classic three. Furthermore, they feel the game is “just nonstop UAV/CUAV Meta and spam,” with no way to avoid it.

You can use Ghost to counter this, but as it’s an Ultimate Perk, players need to wait until further on in the game to actually gain its benefits. This is also an issue that another Reddit user highlighted in their own post, which is titled “Ghost is damn near USELESS.”

In the post, they explain that “by the time [they] get Ghost, [their] team is already losing, or the match is already close to over, so it’s f*cking useless.” Clearly, MW2 players feel the new Perk system is confusing and believe that Infinity Ward is “catering to campers.”

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 begins November 16, so perhaps we will see a lot of changes to the game, as the devs have already confirmed that the UI will be undergoing tweaks due to backlash.

Image Credits: Activision

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