Modern Warfare 2 players call out “absurd” $30 bundles as price keeps rising

Nathan Warby
Modern Warfare 2 Thunderfront Operator skin

Following the arrival of a new bundle on the CoD Store, Modern Warfare 2 players have hit out at the “ridiculous” cost as Activision continues to ramp up the prices.

Bundles and Operator skins have been a hot topic since Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 arrived. When the update first arrived, players were frustrated with permanent DMZ upgrades being locked behind paid bundles, with many labeling them “pay-to-win.”

The Codex Operator skin was also criticized for offering severe gameplay disadvantages, despite costing $20 price tag, and the Kevin Durant has been mocked online. Now, following the arrival of the Thunderfront Tracer Pack, Modern Warfare 2 players have slammed its $30 price tag.

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Reddit user ‘Commercial_Excuse676’ shared a screenshot of the bundle, which features the Thundrwave Operator skin, two Weapon Blueprints, a Vehicle Skin, a Weapon Charm, and one Loading Screen.

Despite the six items included in the bundle, the OP called out the 3,000 CoD Points that it costs, saying: “The ridiculous prices will continue until morale improves.”

Most Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 bundles tend to cost 2,400 at the most, which equates to $20. However, to buy the 3,000 CoD Points needed for Thunderfront Tracer Pack, players would need to spend $30.

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Many other players responded in the comments to express their anger with this rise in prices, accusing Activision of getting “greedier and greedier.”

“Thirty bucks for a skin and a couple of charms? That’s f**ked. Literally costs almost half as much as the game itself,” said one reply, with another agreeing: “3000 is absurd. I hope they roll this back, but I know they won’t.”

Some players even pointed out that $30 could buy them the next two Battle Passes, which also offer them CoD Points back in return.

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There were also some comments that feared that this price increase could spell bad news for bundles released in the future if players still buy them. “Activision is either testing the waters or is confident that the sweet spot is higher than where it currently is,” said ‘cjpack.’

Only time will tell will if we see more bundles released for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 that cost closer to $30, but don’t be surprised to see similarly priced skins appear on the store in Season 3 Reloaded and beyond.

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Image credit: Activision

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