Modern Warfare 2 players baffled as CoD Mobile feature gets highly requested feature before them

cod mw2 operators in a squad

Modern Warfare 2 fans are desperate to get one of CoD Mobile’s much-praised features and also feel that several other aspects of the handheld game should be implemented too.

There have been quite a few changes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 such as the lack of enemy presence on the minimap. But this doesn’t seem to have hindered the franchise much as MW2 had the biggest launch in the franchise’s history.

On the other hand, Activision’s handheld game, CoD Mobile, continues to do very well with the game is now into its latest season, not only that, but a completely separate CoD Mobile Warzone game is also on the way.

CoD Mobile differs from the traditional, yearly version of the game, and one aspect in particular has got Modern Warfare 2 fans desperate for it to be implemented.

Developed by TiMi Studio Group, the studio has some creative liberty to dress up their version of Call of Duty a bit differently, which results in the game having unique features.

Weapon recoil and the ability to visibly see what effects the attachments will have on a gun is a useful property. Modern Warfare 2’s Firing Range has been added for this very purpose.

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However, as a Reddit post showed, CoD Mobile users get to see complete information, recoil patterns, damage drop-off over distance, and more, when altering attachments, and MW2 players feel this should be in the most recent game.

One Reddit user said: “Detailed stats are something that should be in way more FPS games than they currently are. Problem is then we’d see which attachments descriptions are actually full of s**t,” and someone else added: “CoD Mobile also has a better firing range.”

Not only that, but CoD Mobile players are treated to a ton of classic maps, ranked playlists and rewards, casual playlist options featuring no skill-based matchmaking, and more.

“CoD Mobile is just unironically a better game lmao, you can even play it on PC and it feels like the good ol’ days,” was another interesting comment on the comparisons.

Given that the handheld game has had some of these settings and features for a while now, it seems unlikely that we’ll see them in Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, or DMZ anytime soon.

Image Credit: Activision

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