Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore mode: Release date, Tier 1 comparison, more

Modern Warfare 2 Operators taking cover in hardcore mode

Tons of Call of Duty players love Hardcore mode for its fast time to kill and it’s set to arrive in Modern Warfare 2 very soon. Here’s when Hardcore is coming to Modern Warfare 2, and the key differences from the Tier 1 mode.

Modern Warfare 2 may be months into its lifecycle by now, but the camo grind is still on for many of its players. With over 50 weapons, a ton of attachments, and four Mastery Camos to earn, players are still looking to rattle through all of the weapons as quickly as possible.

Traditionally, one of the fastest ways of completing the weapon grind is to play the Hardcore mode thanks to its rapid TTK that makes almost any weapon viable. Luckily, after being missing from the game’s launch, it’s set to make its return and replace the controversial Tier 1 mode.

Here’s everything we know about the fan-favorite Hardcore mode in Modern Warfare 2.

When does Hardcore mode arrive in Modern Warfare 2?

Hardcore mode is set to be added to Modern Warfare 2 with the Season 2 update on February 15, 2023. Infinity Ward pushed the major update back by two weeks to focus on improvements to the game, and a Hardcore playlist has been announced as one of the marquee additions.

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A mode similar to Hardcore, named Tier 1, arrived back in Season 1, but the devs have decided to remove it in favor of the classic Hardcore mode after it failed to impress players.

Hardcore and Tier 1 differences in Modern Warfare 2

Whereas Hardcore usually came with a limited HUD visible on players’ screens, Tier 1 opted to remove the HUD altogether to keep it more in line with the Realism mode from MW2019 and MW2’s single-player campaign.

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This meant that key features like hitmarkers and the kill feed were stripped away too, offering no indication to players that they’d landed their shots or eliminated an enemy outside of them falling to the floor.

It also appears that Tier 1 started players with slightly more health than traditional Hardcore, but made headshots an instant one-shot kill.

Tier 1 was originally billed as the replacement for Hardcore in Modern Warfare 2, but these subtle changes clearly weren’t as well-received as first hoped. Luckily, Hardcore is making its return in Season 2 and the Tier 1 mode will be completely removed from the game.

How to play Hardcore mode in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2

When Hardcore mode arrives in Season 2, you’ll be able to select it under the ‘Multiplayer’ section of the Modern Warfare 2 menus.

Infinity Ward have yet to confirm which game modes will be included in the Hardcore playlist, but we’d expect the usual suspects like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy to be available.

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Image Credit: Activision