Modern Warfare 2 fans crown new Lethal as “best addition to CoD in years”

Modern Warfare 2 Operators breaching room

Modern Warfare 2 introduced new equipment to players and they’re now claiming that a unique Lethal is one of the best additions to Call of Duty in years.

Following its October 28 release, players kicked off the Modern Warfare 2 grind as they attempt to level up weapons and rank. Despite a few bugs and missing features, players seemed to enjoy discovering Modern Warfare 2’s new additions.

One of these new additions is the Drill Charge Lethal equipment that players are beginning to praise. The Drill Charge is the only new piece of Lethal equipment added to Modern Warfare 2 that had never featured in a previous Call of Duty title.

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Players can use the Drill Charge as an explosive that burrows into surfaces before damaging its target. It’s perfect for reaching enemies on the opposite side of a wall in tight buildings.

Due to its effectiveness against stationary players, otherwise known as campers, Modern Warfare 2 players are calling it the “best addition to CoD in years.”

As this Reddit post explains, the Drill Charge is a “direct counter to the community’s biggest complaint about MW2019, it’s slower and more stationary pace.”

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According to players, it’s the perfect tool for killing campers or getting them out of tricky power positions. It’s certainly a piece of Lethal equipment that requires some strategic planning to use, but if timed right, stationary players will pay the price.

The OP goes on to compare the new Drill Charge to new equipment that debuted in previous CoD titles like Vanguard’s Incendiary Grenade. As you may recall, the Incendiary Grenade was a disaster as it caused unchecked havoc across Vanguard maps.

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In addition, the Drill Charge has another use as a powerful tool to take out vehicles in Ground War. If you manage to hit a vehicle with a Drill Charge, there’s a great chance that the vehicle and all its passengers will go up in flames.

Drill Charge Modern Warfare 2 Lethal

Players were quick to agree with the sentiment in the original post: “Dude it’s amazing when they camp in a small room with one entrance. You just throw on any wall you can find and just kill them.”

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Another player pointed out that the Drill Charge is a must-use in objective-based modes like Hardpoint and Headquarters. Due to the fact that some objectives are boxed in by impenetrable walls and stealthy corners, the Drill Charge is, “a very welcome addition to the game.”

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Image Credit: Activision