Modern Warfare 2 community split over “unnecessary” movement penalties

Joseph Pascoulis
mw2 operator with bomb

The Modern Warfare 2 community are discussing the movement penalties in the game that prevent fast aim down sight speeds, with many split about their impact on the game.

Modern Warfare 2 has made many changes to the classic Call of Duty Multiplayer, from the UI to the way Perks are earned in-game. These changes sparked backlash from the community, with the devs reportedly making adjustments to the UI.

Similar to MW2019, the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer features more slow-paced action compared to previous Call of Duty games, especially those made by Treyarch.

The emphasis on realism sees features such as movement penalties to make the game more immersive and strategic, but the community seems split about it.

Reddit user applejuice98 put a post in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit regarding aim down sight (ADS) times while jumping, showing 2022 World Champion Envoy’s claim that it takes “3x longer” than regular ADS.

The post features the Twitter discussion between two Call of Duty pros, where retired player Parasite said that the “devs fkn hate moving,” and that the jump ADS movement penalty is “so unnecessary.” Envoy then responded by saying “well a lot of pros dissed any type of advanced movement for the last 5 years.”

This discussion has caused debate on the topic in the comments, with many split about whether or not the movement penalties are good for the game.

One comment reads: “why do CoD players have such a problem with just sprinting and moving normally like the classic games?,” while another says “all the sentinels in the comments who wants every movement nerfed so they can mount and wait even more.”

Clearly, there’s a split in the community between those who like to run and gun and those who like to play more patiently. The movement penalties obviously aid those who like to play slower, causing frustration to those who play faster.

One user even calls out this split in the community, calling the Call of Duty community the “most divisive.” Modern Warfare 2 saw a lot of change since the beta, and with Season 1 around the corner, perhaps the devs are planning even more adjustments.

Image Credits: Activision

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