How to stop being locked out of Modern Warfare 2 beta on PC

Hamza Khalid
How to stop being locked out of Modern Warfare 2 beta on PC

A new glitch is locking Modern Warfare 2 players out of the game’s multiplayer beta on PC, and we’ll go over how you can prevent this frustrating issue from happening to you.

The multiplayer beta gave Call of Duty players the opportunity to check out the content that Modern Warfare 2 will bring on its October 28 release date, including a new Gunsmith system.

However, the community has reported problems with the open beta, such as game-breaking glitches, and one of these is locking PC players out entirely. If you’ve encountered this problem then here’s what to do.

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How to stop getting locked out of Modern Warfare 2 PC beta

In order to stop getting locked out of the Modern Warfare 2 beta, you need to avoid restarting your PC multiple times. This is because restarting may make a message pop up, asking for your phone verification again.

Multiple Modern Warfare 2 players launching the beta on Steam after restarting their PC reported receiving this message. However, entering this same number repeatedly caused them to get locked by Steam.

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Beenox also advised changing your username to avoid getting locked out. Steam users without an existing linked account will get a random username when creating an ATVI account. Entering the same username multiple times can lock you out of the beta.

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This isn’t the only issue being faced by players jumping into the beta, as some players are experiencing crash issues whenever the game needs to reboot. This is another problem that Beenox responded to on Twitter, telling players to relaunch manually.

At the time of writing, the developers haven’t pushed out a major fix to get rid of this problem altogether, so you’ll just have to stick with these methods for now. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved soon.

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