How to complete the Atomgrad Raid in Modern Warfare 2

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atomgrad raid in call of duty modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has introduced the franchise’s first-ever Raid – Atomgrad. A first playthrough can take around an hour to complete, so we’ve provided a full breakdown of how to complete the Atomgrad Raid in MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 look to be the complete, all-encompassing FPS experience as across all modes there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The campaign is perfect for single-player purists, there’s battle royale, extraction-shooter gameplay with DMZ, traditional multiplayer, and now Raids.

As seen in the likes of Destiny 2, Raids require multiple players to team up together and work through a challenging series of objectives to complete the overall mission.

It shares a lot in common with a conventional campaign mission and Spec-Ops, and Atomgrad is the first of five Raids that will be dropping Modern Warfare 2.

To help you out, we’ve whipped up a full instructional guide in case you’re struggling with any aspect of the Atomgrad Raid.

details on cod mw2 atomgrad raid

How to access the Atomgrad Raid in Modern Warfare 2

Before we even get a chance to tackle Modern Warfare 2’s Atomgrad Raid, you’ll first need a Raid Assignment, as well as two friends to tackle the content – both of these requirements are mandatory.

Sadly, Raids cannot be completed in Solos, and if you want to learn how to get a Raid key, we’ve also whipped up another simple and easy guide telling you how.

We’d also highly recommend that all three of you have headsets or some kind of immediate way of communicating with one another as teamwork is going to be a big factor in your success.

The Atomgrad Raid contains various symbol and water puzzles that are randomized on every new playthrough and change multiple times during each playthrough. So there is no definitive solution, but as long as you know the method and understand the mechanics, then it should become second nature.

Open the Submarine Doors in Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid

  1. Open the first lot of doors and make your way down the long water channel.
  2. Keep calling out enemies and executing shots at the same time so as to not arouse suspicion or trigger enemies to call for backup and open fire – the water makes for good cover.
  3. Eventually, you’ll get to the end of the room, and on the right-hand side before the Submarine Doors, you’ll encounter a room with a Number Input screen and a separate CCTV system.
  4. You need to have one of you press the button to open the shutter door, and another party member will have to go into the newly opened room.
  5. Now, have a player on each CCTV camera, and the third player ready standing in front of another screen, this time with red symbols.
  6. Each player using CCTV must cycle through the various cameras until they see a room with three symbols, each featuring a number underneath.
  7. The player standing in front of the red symbol screen now describes each symbol, in order, to the other two players as either one player will have the corresponding symbol on their CCTV feed —or they won’t, as there’s always a red herring thrown in for good measure.
  8. Once you’ve identified the applicable numbers for each symbol, type out the numbers into the keypad in order, and it should accept the first code.
  9. You now need to have another person enter the next code due to needing a new fingerprint, so switch around your roles, and you’ll also have to do this again for the third and final code.
  10. Complete this process two more times using the same strategy as described above, and the third correct code will open the Submarine Doors.
  11. Please note: If you incorrectly enter the wrong sequence three times then the whole thing will reset and you’ll have to enter three new codes from scratch.
captain price swimming in water in modern warfare 2 atomgrad raid

Pick up the Oxygen Mask in Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid

  1. Once the doors have opened, all three of you can now make your way through the Submarine Doors.
  2. Once inside head over to the table on the left, and one of you must now pick up the Air Tank – it’s about to get a bit tricky.
  3. There is only one Air Tank for the three of you, so you need to dive into the water into the opening underneath and begin your voyage through the water.
  4. Every time a player starts to get dangerously low on oxygen, they need to grab the Oxygen Mask from the player carrying it to give themself a quick refill of air – and you must repeat this process throughout, so sticking together is a must for survival.

Find a way through the flooded area in Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid

  1. Swim through the broken-looking mine and take a left once you get to the first corridor.
  2. Keep going to the end and you’ll come across a button-operated door.
  3. One person needs to press it on one side. Once it’s open, the other two swim through the open door, and one of those two players needs to press the button on the other side to let the initial player regroup.
  4. From here, take a turn nearby and you’ll find a stairwell in which you can go above the surface. This is a checkpoint of sorts called a Safe Area.
  5. Go to the top of the stairs and grab a Pistol.
  6. Head back into the water and go to the very bottom where you’ll see a red light on the ground.
  7. Go through a caged door and you’ll eventually come to multiple tripwires which you can either swim through and take damage, shoot them, or go through the room to the right of them.
  8. Make your way left after the wires and now the maze becomes randomized on every playthrough.
  9. Keep swimming around and sharing the Oxygen Mask and, in our experience, you’ll eventually find an elevator with tripwires, go through the door to the right of it.
  10. Carry on through this door and another corridor or two and you’ll see an opening in the ground highlighted by several green glowsticks.
  11. Head down and you’ll need to swim through to reach a new Safe Area.
  12. Run through this area and dive back into the next lot of water and, again, the path does change each time, so just swim around and locate the paths that will take you further underground.
  13. After some trial and error, you should, hopefully, come across a giant blast door that you can swim through – leading to a new Safe Area.
  14. Grab some air and one player needs to go to the surface of the new room, and activate the generator, and a second player will have to swim into a room underwater to activate the switch being powered by the generator.
  15. This leaves the third player to swim through the newly opened door and they can press a switch on the other side of the door to let their two teammates through.
  16. You can all swim through, carry on forward, and head up a flight of stairs and reach the newest latest Safe Room.
  17. Stock up on weapons and ammo situated in the main room, and then Regroup at the Fence Gate.
cod operators walking up stairs in modern warfare 2 atomgrad raid

Clear the armory in Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid

  1. It’s time for a proper shootout now as you’ll need to go through the gate and basically just unload on the first enemies you see. There is no time for stealth, just keep killing enemies as they arrive and keep stocking up on Armor Plates and ammo.
  2. Be warned, there will be a Juggernaut hiding in one of the middle rooms, so make sure it doesn’t box you in, always give yourself plenty of breathing space.
  3. Once you’ve taken down the Juggernaut and any remaining enemies, find the room that the Juggernaut was in and press a button on the wall.
  4. This will open a door in which smoke will be deployed and even more enemies will stream out, as well as ANOTHER Juggernaut.
  5. Fend them off and eliminate them and make sure one of you picks up the Riot Shield from the final room.
  6. You can then you can move on to another unlocked door and inside it will be another hole in the floor with a green glow making it stand out.

Move through the vents in Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid

  1. Drop down into the exposed hole and make your way underground once more.
  2. This is a leisurely stroll through some vents that are easy enough to navigate.
  3. Enjoy this brief respite as this is well and truly the calm before the storm.
  4. Once you reach the end, you will hop down into water to enter the final stages of the Atomgrad Raid.

Investigate the flooded tunnels in Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid

  1. Push onwards and wipe out any enemy soldiers you come across and you’ll eventually wind up in a big room with water up to your waist.
  2. We recommend pushing around to the right and locating the first control room which will be darker with a red hue.
  3. One player needs to activate the console and stay there.
  4. The other two players should keep following the linear path around until you reach the next console room which will be a lot brighter.
  5. Take out the enemies and the Juggernaut and have one player activate that room’s console.
  6. The third player must go back to the original flooded room in the middle and locate the Receiver that also needs to be activated.
  7. Once you do so, you now face a gauntlet of three Cyphers.
gaz walking and aiming gun in cod modern warfare 2

Cypher Puzzle in Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid

  1. Kicking us off is Cypher 1, and all three puzzles are just an exact copy of the first symbol puzzle you completed in opening the Submarine Doors – only with less time.
  2. As before, the player which needs the code will have to communicate the symbols they see in front of them to the other two players so that you end up with the correct code: you get 1 minute for this part.
  3. If the timer reaches zero, you won’t fail the mission, the Cypher will simply reset and will require a fresh code sequence.
  4. Bear in mind that you still need a fresh fingerprint for each stage of the Cypher, so swap around after each Cypher is done.
  5. Once you’ve cracked the first code, Cypher 2 will begin.
  6. Though you’ve only got 40 seconds to do it this time, enemies will now be constantly swarming each control room along with an endless supply of Bomb Drones too.
  7. Persevere to complete this step and you’ll move on to the third and final Cypher puzzle.
  8. Your time has now been cut to just 25 seconds to complete, and you’ll have to fight even tougher enemies and the same army of Bomb Drones while doing so.
  9. Successful completion of the third code will initiate the final obstacle in the Atomgrad Raid.

Wait for the Keypad Blast Doors to Unlock in Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid

  1. A 4-minute timer will now activate, and it’s basically all about survival.
  2. Where you entered the three codes, this is the Blast Doors area, and you will have to defend the area for the whole duration of the task.
  3. Expect a ton of armored enemies, Bomb Drones, and the odd Juggernaut sprinkled on top.
  4. Use teamwork and your environment to hold out and cover each other.
  5. If you leave the Blast Doors unguarded for too long, enemy forces will plant a bomb to destroy the console unit.
  6. You’ll only have a brief window to get back, take out the forces guarding it, and defuse the bomb.
  7. If you all die or a bomb detonates then you’ll have to start the 4-minute survival scenario again.
  8. Once you’ve managed to stave off hostile forces for long enough, the timer will reach zero, and you’ll just have to regroup at the Blast Doors and interact with them.
  9. Should you do that, you will all have completed the Atomgrad Raid, witness a cutscene, and be rewarded for your efforts!

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