Modern Warfare 3 players reveal easiest ways to counter quickscopers

Joseph Pascoulis
soap operator aiming crossbow in mw3

If you’re fed up of being killed by Sniper and Marksman Rifle users in Modern Warfare 3, the community has shared their best ways to counter them.

There are some great Snipers to quickscope with in Modern Warfare 3, including the iconic Kar98k. This is ideal for those who love to run around and best enemy Operators with fast movement and precision. However, it can be pretty tedious when you’re constantly running into quickscopers.

A post on Reddit revealed a number of great ways to counter the playstyle after the OP asked the best way to counter quickscopers.

Some counter options are more obvious than others, such as smoke to block their line of sight and thermal Optics to pick off Sniper users. Meanwhile, others are more inconspicuous, as one user suggested using “overpressure rounds,” after getting some success with them.

This Ammunition attachment inflicts flinch on the enemy, so it makes it harder for Sniper users to hit their shots if you manage to lock on quick enough.

Other players suggest drop shotting to avoid being hit, an age-old CoD movement technique that sees players holding down the crouch button to go prone while targeting the enemy.

In a separate post, a player shared a pretty comical way to counter the Kar98k which has dominated lobbies since its arrival. In the clip, the player pulls out an RPG and holds the line of sight they know a Sniper is waiting to pounce on, and as soon as they do, they let the rocket do the work.

While it may seem like overkill, it’s certainly effective, as it takes the quickscoper out in no time.

The MW3 Season 4 Reloaded update will hit the Kar98k with a nerf, so while there may be less quickscopers with the iconic Marksman Rifle, the playstyle will no doubt still be a popular one, so it’s best to keep these counters in mind.

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