Best VEL 46 MP7 loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Season 5

VEL 46 MP7 SMG in Modern Warfare 2Activision

The VEL 46 is an extremely deadly SMG in Modern Warfare 2 that’s capable of decimating enemies at close range. Here’s everything that you need to create the best VEL 46 loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Season 5.

Modern Warfare 2 features a bunch of powerful weapons that you can use to level up, with some new guns hitting the battle pass in Season 5. However, one weapon that has always been consistent is the VEL 46, which most players will recognize as the MP7.

Sporting traits such as high mobility and a fast time-to-kill, the VEL 46 can be used to dominate close-range encounters. If you want to take full advantage of this weapon’s capabilities then you’ll need our list of the best attachments, Perks, and Equipment for it.

Here is the best VEL 46 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 Season 5.

Best Modern Warfare 2 VEL 46 loadout attachments

  • Muzzle: SA Schalldampfer 99
  • Laser: Schlager ULO-66
  • Stock: VEL A-568 Collapsed
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Rear Grip: ZLR Combat Grip

The best Modern Warfare 2 VEL 46 loadout starts off with the SA Schalldampfer 99 muzzle to improve the weapon’s bullet velocity and recoil control. We combine the Merc Foregrip, and VEL A-568 Collapsed stock to buff the hip-fire accuracy and sprint-to-fire speed in order to land accurate shots.

The VEL 46 is still quite bouncy so the ZLR Combat Grip will give you a bit more range by boosting recoil control, but bear in mind this is still very much a close-range weapon. Finally, the Schlager ULO-66 Laser provides a further boost to hip fire accuracy.

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vel 46 mp7 in modern warfare 2Activision
The VEL 46 is Modern Warfare 2’s version of the MP7.

Best Modern Warfare 2 VEL 46 Perks & Equipment

  • Base Perk 1: Bomb Squad
  • Base Perk 2: Double Time
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix
  • Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal Equipment: Frag Grenade
  • Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

Bomb Squad will protect you against explosives and enemy equipment while Double Time gives you added mobility. Fast Hands makes it easier to reload quickly and Quick Fix restores your health faster after getting kills.

Coming to our choice of Equipment, the Stun Grenade and Frag combination is great for putting pressure on the enemy. Finally, the Dead Silence Field Upgrade allows you to take your enemies by surprise.

How to unlock VEL 46 MP7 in Modern Warfare 2

Luckily, you won’t have to do anything to unlock the VEL 46 SMG in Modern Warfare 2 as it’ll be automatically unlocked at the start of the game.

Just reach Level 3 to use the Gunsmith, then use our leveling guide to unlock all of the attachments to build the best VEL 46 loadout.

Best alternatives to VEL 46 in Modern Warfare 2

There are a few great options to consider if you’re looking for an alternative to Modern Warfare 2’s VEL 46, with the Lachmann Sub being a great choice. The Vaznev-9k is one of the most popular SMG options in the game.

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