Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 update patch notes: New weapons, Strike map, Operators, more

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The Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 update is here, and fans are eager to get their hands on what the new season will bring. Here are the full patch notes for Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 including all of the weapons, maps, and more.

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 update has arrived, bringing new weapons, maps, and modes for players to enjoy.

With all of this new content to take in, here’s everything you need to know about Modern Warfare 2 Season 5, including the full patch notes with weapon buffs and nerfs, the return of a classic Call of Duty map, new weapons, and more


Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 release date

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 arrives on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

PlayStation players can download the update ahead of time, but Xbox and PC players will receive the download when the season starts.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 new maps: Strike, Punta Mar, more

strike map in modern warfare 2Activision
The classic Strike map returns in MW2 Season 5.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 introduces four new maps at launch, with another arriving mid-season.

Here’s a breakdown of the new maps available within Season 5:

  • Punta Mar (Core) – Launch
  • Strike (Core) – Launch
  • Lounge (Gunfight) – Launch
  • Canal (Gunfight) – Launch
  • DRC-Zone 1 (Core) – Mid-Season

CoD veteran fans will recognize CoD 4’s Strike as a returning map in Season 5 of Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 new weapons: FR Avancer, Carrack .300, more

The FR Avancer resembles the iconic FAMAS.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 delivers a total of two new weapons alongside the update. Both FR Avancer Assault Rifle and Carrack .300 Sniper Rifle are available in the Season 5 Battle Pass.

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  • FR Avancer: Sector E8
  • Carrack .300: Sector E7

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 new Operators

Graves makes a long-awaited appearance in Season 5.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 brings a new roster Operators to the game, including Graves, Oz, Velikan, and Mila. The aforementioned quartet is headlined by Graves, who featured prominently in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

Here’s a list of all of the new Operators in Modern Warfare 2 Season 5:

  • Oz – Battle Pass
  • Graves – Battle Pass
  • Mila – Battle Pass
  • Velikan – Battle Pass
  • Arthur – BlackCell Battle Pass
  • Mace – In-Season
  • Nicki Minaj – Bundle
  • 21 Savage – In-Season Bundle
  • Snoop Dogg – Bundle
  • Lara Croft – In-Season

The devs also confirmed that other special Operators are set to arrive, bringing high-profile rappers to the game “in celebration of five decades of hip hop culture: Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and 21 Savage.”

In addition, a PlayStation blog with details about Season 5 revealed that Lara Croft will be coming to Modern Warfare 2 as an Operator: “Play as the legendary treasure hunter and video game icon Lara Croft in a new Operator bundle arriving in the mid-season.”

Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 patch notes


  • This update contains several fixes to reduce the number of known crashes. We continue to prioritize increased stability and crash fixes across all platforms.


  • Shadow Company’s Arthur Joins BlackCell
    • One of Shadow Company’s best, Arthur is [[REDACTED]].
    • All we know is that he is a warrior to the core. No face, only a callsign; he is apparently a legend, but no legible records were found.
    • And the only companion he associates with his second-in-command, a K9 Unit in Merlin.

New Tactical Pets Companion Feature

  • New to Modern Warfare® II, Operators will have the option to bring companions alongside them in Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and DMZ modes. This provides the unparalleled benefit of companionship along with a devastating Finishing Move.
    • Merlin — and other Tactical Pets— cannot be harmed in any way and play a role in Finishing Moves. Just remember to equip the Finishing Move separately from the companion when editing your chosen Operator.
  • New: Battle Buddy
    • Another new addition to Modern Warfare II is a Battle Buddy  – virtual “assistants” who act as a mini-announcer with some additional personality.
    • “Gwen” is the first, as her Gun Screen – what she prefers as opposed to “Battle Buddy” – is packaged with Arthur and his K9 unit Merlin. Just perform well with her equipped, because she has no time to assist with anything but a successful mission.
    • She will callout Killstreak activations, kills – including with specific weapons or equipment – and other in-game personal events, especially when you win or perform well in a match.



  • When General Shepherd asked him to take the lead in a cyber defense division of a new PMC group, Oz was ready to join Shadow Company… As their “de facto leader,” Oz uses both his elite special operations toolset on the ground as well as his skills in cyberwarfare.


  • He’s back. You probably have questions. Graves does not have time for answers. He says he was never in that tank that exploded at the hands of the 141, and now it’s back to business.


  • Biographical intel for this Operator has been [[REDACTED]].


  • The Shadow Company warden of Building 21 just got ousted by Konni Group, so now this “giant” is ready for new operations.


Faction Showdown

  • Choose Task Force 141 or Shadow Company. The Faction with the most eliminations at the end of the event wins. Players can switch Factions at any time during the event. Complete all 5 challenges for each Faction to unlock a Mastery Reward for that Faction. Completing all challenges for the winning Faction earns additional rewards.
  • Choose a side, fight until the last minute, get rewarded, and await further orders as the event concludes, prior to mid-season. This event will kick-off on August 4th.

Call of Duty Celebrates 50 Years of Hip Hop

  • In celebration of 50 years of hip hop, Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone will have free content and special Bundles available throughout Season 05:
    • Daily Login Rewards:
      • 3 War Tracks
      • Exclusive Weapon Blueprint
    • Operators:
      • Snoop Dogg 
      • Nicki Minaj (In-Season)
      • 21 Savage (Mid-Season)


  • Slide
    • Decreased slide time and increased slide velocity, so the Player covers the same distance in a shorter amount of time
    • Allowed the Player to fire slightly sooner after initiating a slide
  • Jump
    • Small increase to the lateral velocity boost while jumping
    • Small reduction to the landing slowdown penalty while landing


FR Avancer (Assault Rifle)

  • With a blinding fire rate and exceptional maneuverability, in the right hands, this aggressive bullpup rifle can dominate the battlefield.
    • Unlocked via Battle Pass

Carrack .300 (Sniper Rifle)

  • This semi-auto bullpup sniper rifle features an exceptionally high fire rate and a unique design for best-in-class handling and stability when on the move.
    • Unlocked via Battle Pass

Customizable Throwing Knives

  • Players can now select Lethal Equipment Skins (in-match only)

» Light Machine Guns «

  • RAPP H
    • Increased semi auto Damage
    • Reduced semi auto rate of fire

The following weapon changes are applicable to Warzone only. While we are generally pleased with the state of Weapon balance in Warzone, our work is never done. Internal data has shown that the Cronen Squall is still performing better than we would like–enough so that it would restrict the pool of viable Weapons. Our main focus of these changes is and always will be to broaden gameplay options at every level of play. Not all Weapons have the potential to sit atop the charts–and that is okay. As long as those Weapons enable a playstyle or have a niche in which they can thrive, that is our goal. Below you will find changes that aim to level the playing field between some of the top and bottom performers.

» Assault Rifles « 

  • Chimera
    • Close-mid Damage increased 
  • M13B
    • Headshot Multiplier increased

» Battle Rifles «

  • Cronen Squall
    • Maximum Damage decreased
    • Minimum Damage increased
    • Neck Damage Multiplier decreased
    • Upper Torso Damage Multiplier decreased
    • Lower Torso Damage Multiplier decreased
    • Limb Damage Multipliers decreased

» Light Machine Guns «

  • HCR 56
    • Limb Damage Multipliers decreased 
  • RAAL MG 
    • Headshot Multiplier increased 

» Submachine Guns «

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  • MX9
    • Close-mid Damage increased
    • Neck Multiplier increased
    • Upper Torso Multiplier increased
    • Lower Torso Multiplier increased
  • Minibak
    • Damage step added at mid-far range
    • Minimum Damage decreased
    • Headshot Multiplier increased
  • Lachmann Sub
    • Maximum Damage Range decreased
    • Close-mid Damage Range decreased
  • VEL-46
    • Neck Multiplier increased
    • Upper Torso Multiplier increased
    • Lower Torso Multiplier increased
  • BAS-P
    • Maximum Damage Range increased
    • Neck Multiplier increased
    • Upper Torso Multiplier increased
    • Lower Torso Multiplier increased
  • Fennec 45
    • Maximum Damage increased

Lastly, we are aware of concerns surrounding the Signal 50 in Warzone. While our data does not suggest the Signal 50 is out of the normal range in performance, its experiential impact for Players is equally important to us. At this time we do not feel it is necessary to make changes to the Signal 50, but we will continue to monitor the data and your feedback closely.


  • Drill Charge
    • Reduced damage from drilling when a Player is stuck with a Drill Charge, providing a larger opportunity for death from explosion
  • Recon Drone
    • Recon Drone’s health bar now updates every time the drone is accessed
  • Tactical Camera 
    • Removed audio distortion when failing to use a Tactical Camera 


  • Bomb Squad
    • Bomb Squad will protect against death from explosive Equipment stuck directly to the Player when fully armored | Warzone only
  • Quick Fix
    • Added visual cues for attacking someone with active Quick Fix
    • Entering an objective with Quick Fix equipped will now visually show when the health regeneration effect is active. 


  • Further improved audio balance to favor some sounds over others (i.e. Airplane audio will be mixed down when using voice chat)
  • Added alert sound from pets when being spotted

  • Fixed an issue where knife pickups could play an incorrect sound
  • Fixed an issue where the out of bounds sound would repeat incorrectly 


Updated CODHQ Landing Page 

  • Adds Game Mode tiles to the Games section of CODHQ, allowing Players to jump to a specific row from the CODHQ menu

Skin Carousel in the Lobby

  • Added a carousel that allows Players to change the skin of their selected Operator while searching for a Match.

Combat Detail Widget

  • Added a new widget that provides info upon Player death:
    • Who killed you, what weapon, how many shots, etc
  • Widget will list multiple Players and environmental damage when applicable 


  • Fixed an issue where Operator Skins and Finishing Moves could reset after suspending on consoles
  • Fixed an issue where some Players were not getting awarded BlackCell items correctly (Season 04)
  • Fixed an issue where the Player was unable to obtain Battle Pass rewards when on the BlackCell exclusive version of the reward (Season 04)
  • Fixed an issue where tablet screens may cover part of the screen when activated
  • Fixed an issue where in the progression menu UI, Prestige 6 was swapped with Prestige 10
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent the ‘Reap This’ Kastov-74u Blueprint from equipping in-game
  • Fixed an issue where objects could float in the air if dropped on glass that was then broken by disabling ability to drop objects on glass surfaces
  • Fixed an issue where a placeholder name is displayed when completing the “Get 30 headshot Operator kills with Battle Rifles” challenge to unlock the Cronen Squall
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Pass and Weapon 2XP tags could appear incorrectly on the Playlist tile
  • Fixed an issue where opening, but not using, the SAE Killstreak tablet at the end of a match will show the Heartbeat Sensor UI before/during the final kill
  • Fixed an exploit where Players were able to transfer Completionist camos to weapons without unlocking them
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to display incorrectly while using snap layouts on PC
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox Players’ Operator Skins would reset to default after the Xbox times out and turns off
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the killfeed widget to function incorrectly 


Introducing “Eco Mode”

  • Found in the Graphics Settings menu, with three options:
    • Off: Same behavior as all previous updates with no power savings.
    • Minimal (Default): Frame rate capped at 60hz and slight drop in 3D scene resolution for the Multiplayer and Warzone lobbies only. Yields an average power savings of 20%.
    • Full: Frame rate capped at 30hz and larger drop in 3D scene resolution for the Multiplayer and Warzone lobbies only. Yields an average power savings of 50%.



  • Fixed an issue that caused some Players to not receive Raid rewards as expected. Players who were impacted by this bug will receive the rewards correctly upon future completion(s). 
  • Fixed an issue that caused objective icons to not display correctly 
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Intel page to display an incorrect number of intel pieces
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the 150-intel reward from unlocking correctly. Players are required to complete any one additional mission for it to be rewarded
  • Fixed an issue where Players would lose their Assault Suit if worn while cutting a door in the Atomgrad Raid Episode 03 



Punta Mar (6v6)

  • Punta Mar is a recently evacuated tourist attraction in Las Almas — once a bustling town on a hill overlooking a beautiful South American beach.

    Prepare to fight up and down that hill, maneuvering through shops, across rooftops, and through abandoned residences to take control of an area centered around a cobblestone street.

Strike (6v6)

  • Fan-favorite Strike returns to Call of Duty and will be familiar to many veteran Players with some updates for Modern Warfare II!

Lounge (Gunfight)

  • This compact map for Gunfight and other small-squad modes takes place in a high-scale, high-octane club. Take the stairs or climb to a balcony for a view across the main chamber, and when the center gets too hot, try your luck in the game room or under the spotlights of the stage behind the grand piano.

Canal (Gunfight)

  • Situated in the vicinity of Vondel, Canal features cellars below the cobblestone streets above, with the action occurring between the canal bridges where the water or a moored boat are useful in your tactical planning. Be ready for close quarters combat while weaving through the brewery and restaurant.



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  • Players start with one modifier at the beginning of a match. Once a squad is the first to reach a multiple of 12 kills – 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 – the game adds a new modifier to the match for both teams, from a pool of 14 available modifiers. Here are examples of just five of them:
    • Ammo Feeder: Auto reloads a weapon (from stock ammo) upon elimination. 
    • Boots Off the Ground: Moon gravity. Affects only player jump heights, not thrown equipment or ballistics
    • Flameshot: Flame-tipped Crossbows and Molotovs only. All Loadouts change immediately to this upon modifier activation.
    • Hero Landing: Landing from a big drop causes a frag-grenade-like explosion around you.
    • Perspective Shift: Everyone swaps to a third-person camera view.

Big Capture the Flag

  • Want to go bigger? Then the Battle Maps are ready for some classic Capture the Flag matches in Season 05. Whether it is on the streets of Guijarro or in the waterlogged Mawizeh Marshlands, Big Capture the Flag on a 20v20 scale is a recipe for some epic matches.

Gunfight Variants

  • Step into the 2v2 Gunfight arena with three different variants available throughout Season 05. Look for the following:
    • Gunfight Custom (Launch): Featuring standard Gunfight rules, but the weaponry you bring is taken from your favorite Loadouts.
    • Gunfight Snipers (In-Season): Tool up with your favorite sniper or marksman rifle, and leave the Secondary, Tacticals, and Lethals at home.
    • Armored Gunfight (In-Season): Need more protection during your 2v2 skirmishes? Then welcome to Armored Gunfight, a variation on the fan-favorite mode, featuring standard Gunfight rules with one distinct difference; armor is enabled! Each squadmate comes to the fight with 150 HP of Armor, 100 Health, and no replacement plates or health regeneration. All other Gunfight rules apply (win conditions, overtime, capturing the overtime flag), but your takedown tactics should be adjusted accordingly.


  • Removed weapons dropping too close to players in modes with team revive active.
  • Updated Gunfight weapon table to include Blueprints up through Season 05
  • Players will have their sidearms removed if playing Gunfight with specified weapon categories (i.e. Snipers only)
  • Updated the default score limit for Grind to 75 points in Private Matches
  • Removed the “Care Package Drop Time” option in Infected Private Matches 

  • Fixed an issue preventing Radar Always On from working correctly in Private Matches
  • Fixed an issue causing overlapping icons on Point A when playing Control on Vondel Waterfront
  • Fixed an issue on Santa Seña Border Crossing where bots would attempt to path to invalid locations if all other Players in the match are dead
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent health packs from dropping in Hardcore Private Matches
  • Fixed an issue where Players would not be able to toggle NVGs after extracting a prisoner in Prisoner Rescue
  • Fixed an issue in Cyber Attack where Players could lock up their view model animation by spamming melee while planting the EMP
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to pick up the prisoner out of bound in Prisoner Rescue
  • Fixed an issue in zone capture modes where the zone would flicker between unoccupied and controlled 
  • Fixed an issue in Prisoner Rescue where the prisoner would T-pose with no head if the carrier died while out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue where explosive bullet kills would not progress the weapon ladder in Gun Game 


Season 05 of MWII Ranked Play features NEW Seasonal Rewards to unlock, including the Pro Re-Issue TAQ-56, Division Weapon Camos, and much more. 

Below are the Season 05 specific details to keep in mind for new and returning competitors. Need a refresher? The Call of Duty Blog has you covered right here and the CDL Competitive Settings V 1.4.1 will help inform.

Competitive Game Settings

  • New Season 05 Restrictions
    • Assault Rifles
      • FR Avancer
    • Sniper Rifles
      • Carrack .300
  • Returning Restrictions in addition to the CDL Competitive Settings
    • Assault Rifles
      • Tempus Razorback
    • SMGs
      • ISO 45
    • Shotguns
      • MX Guardian
    • Melee
      • Tonfa
    • Attachments
      • Corvus Torch Underbarrel

SR (Skill Rating) & Divisions

  • End of Season Skill Setback
    • At the end of each Season, your ending Skill Division will determine where you start the following season:
      • Bronze through Crimson I Players are set back three Tiers below where they finished in the previous season.
        • Example: A Player ending Season 04 in Gold III will begin Season 05 in Silver III.
      • Players Crimson II and above will start Season 05 in Diamond I.

Season 05 Win Rewards

  • Throughout the Season 05, Players can earn the following rewards:
    • 5 Wins: ‘Season 05 Competitor’ Weapon Sticker
    • 10 Wins: Pro Re-Issue TAQ-56 Weapon Blueprint
    • 25 Wins: ‘Big Brain Plays’ Weapon Charm
    • 50 Wins: ‘Heating Up’ Large Weapon Decal
    • 75 Wins: ‘MWII Ranked Play Season 05’ Loading Screen
    • 100 Wins: ‘MWII Season 05 Ranked Veteran’ Weapon Camo

End of Season Division Rewards

  • At the end of each Season, Players will be awarded Skill Division rewards that represent their highest attained Division that Season. 
  • Skill Division Skins:
    • Earn a Skill Division Skin for use with both CDL Male & Female Operators on both Factions to represent your highest Skill Division. Once the Skins from one Skill Division have been unlocked they can be permanently used in following Seasons and anywhere you play:
      • Top 250: Unlock the ‘Top 250 Competitor’ Skin by finishing a Season in the Top 250 Skill Division. Players must be in the Division at the end of the Season to qualify for this reward.
      • Gold – Iridescent: Earn the applicable ‘Gold Competitor’, ‘Platinum Competitor’, ‘Diamond Competitor’, ‘Crimson Competitor’, or ‘Iridescent Competitor’ Skin based on your highest Skill Division reached over the course of the Season. 
  • Seasonal Division Rewards
    • Each Ranked Play Season features a unique set of Division Rewards awarded at the end of the Season to celebrate the Player’s highest Skill Division reached that Season. 
    • Rewards Update
      • Starting in Season 05, players will continue to earn Emblems associated with their highest attained Division. Those who climb into Gold and above will obtain a new reward each season where we previously offered a Weapon Charm. For Season 05, we’re kicking off this new reward rotation with Season Division Camos.
    • The Season 05 rewards are as follows:
      • Top 250: ‘Season 05 Top 250’ Animated Weapon Camo, Emblem, and Calling Card
        • Players must be in the Top 250 Division at the end of the Season to qualify for these rewards.
      • Iridescent: ‘Season 05 Iridescent’ Weapon Camo, Emblem, and Calling Card
      • Crimson: ‘Season 05 Crimson’ Weapon Camo and Emblem
      • Diamond: ‘Season 05 Diamond’ Weapon Camo and Emblem
      • Platinum: ‘Season 05 Platinum’ Weapon Camo and Emblem
      • Gold: ‘Season 05 Gold’ Weapon Camo and Emblem
      • Silver: Emblem
      • Bronze: Emblem
    • Ranked Play First Place: The Player who finishes Season 05 in the #1 position on the Top 250 Leaderboard will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind Calling Card and Emblem for the ultimate bragging rights.

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