Best Lachmann-556 loadout for Modern Warfare 2

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modern warfare 2 lachmann 556Activision

If you’re searching for a high-powered Assault Rifle capable of taking down distant enemies in Modern Warfare 2, here’s a guide on the attachments, Perks, and Equipment required to create the best Lachmann-556 loadout.

In Modern Warfare 2, there are 15 Assault Rifles available for players to unlock and level up, and many players tend to favor those with extended range and minimal recoil to efficiently target and eliminate their opponents.

The Lachmann-556 has become known for its damage and accuracy over range, making it a fantastic choice. Despite a few nerfs in the latest seasons, the gun still dominates at mid to long ranges.

Here are all of the attachments, Perks, and Equipment you need to have the best Lachmann-556 loadout in Modern Warfare 2.

Best Modern Warfare 2 Lachmann-556 loadout attachments

The Lachmann 556 with the best S4 reloaded attachements.Activision
The Lachmann 556 belongs to the Lachmann Meer platform.
  • Muzzle: FTAC Castle Comp
  • Barrel: 10.6” Lachstrike Barrel
  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: LMK64 Grip
  • Stock: Lachmann S9 Factory

We’re kicking off this Lachmann-556 loadout with the FTAC Castle Comp muzzle and 10.6” Lachstrike Barrel. Combined, they’ll vastly increase the Lachmann-556’s bullet velocity while also helping with recoil control. 

Next, we’ve added the 40-Round Mag, as it’s great for salvaging multiple close-quarter gunfights in popular maps like Shipment and Shoot House. We’ve then gone with the LMK64 Grip, which helps mitigate all that aim-down sight speed we’ve been losing with the previous attachments while also increasing the sprint-to-fire speed.

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Finally, we’ve added the Lachmann S9 Factory stock, as it helps with factors like ADS speed, sprint speed, crouch movement speed, and aim walking speed.

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Best Modern Warfare 2 Lachmann-556 Perks & Equipment

mw2 lachmann 556 loadout equipmentActivision
The Lachmann 556 excels at long-range in MW2.
  • Base Perk 1: Bomb Squad
  • Base Perk 2: Battle Hardened
  • Bonus Perk: Cold-Blooded
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost
  • Tactical Equipment: Flash Grenade
  • Lethal Equipment: Drill Charge
  • Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

Tactical and Lethal Equipment are both incredibly powerful in Modern Warfare 2, so we’re pairing the Bomb Squad and Battle Hardened Perks to protect from both. Our next two Perks are about keeping you alive against Killstreaks, where Cold-Blooded hides you from all manner of devices, and more importantly, Ghost conceals you from UAVs. 

Next, we’re taking advantage of the powerful Flash Grenade and Drill Charge to root out campers. Finally, selecting Dead Silence will allow for a stealthy push when you need it most.

How to unlock Lachmann-556 in Modern Warfare 2

Unlocking the Lachmann-556 can be tricky in Modern Warfare 2, as you’ll need to level up the Lachmann-762 to level 13. And in order to unlock the Lachmann-762, you’ll need to reach level 16 in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer.

Best alternatives to Lachmann-556 in Modern Warfare 2

If you’re looking for the best alternatives to Modern Warfare 2’s Lachmann-556, then we recommend you try out the Kastov 762 and STB 556 as they’re two of the best Assault Rifles in the game. 

But if you’re looking for an all-rounder, then it’s hard to go wrong with the classic M4

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