How to get a nuke in CoD Mobile

Hamza Khalid
Nuclear explosion in Cod Mobile

Numerous killstreaks exist in Call of Duty Mobile to inflict damage on your enemies, but the most effective is undoubtedly the nuke. This guide explains the steps to obtain a nuke in CoD Mobile.

CoD Mobile has a wide variety of great weapons for you to try out, like the R9-0 and M13. You can use these to cause some serious damage to your opponents and secure your victory.

However, one weapon stands above all others, and that is the nuke killstreak. Detonating a nuke will wipe out all your adversaries on the map. This guide will cover everything you need to do to get your hands on a nuke in CoD Mobile.

How to unlock a nuke in CoD Mobile

Getting a nuke in CoD Mobile is no easy task.

Once you’ve ranked up to level 20, you can unlock a nuke by reaching a killstreak of 20 in CoD Mobile. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to plant the nuke to take out every remaining enemy in a match.

Here’s how you can get a nuke in CoD Mobile:

  1. Launch the multiplayer mode in CoD Mobile.
  2. Select perks that help with your survival like Persistence or Hardline.
  3. Select a heavy weapon that will help you score quick kills.
  4. Choose a multiplayer map and jump into battle.
  5. Use the heavy weapon to secure 20 consecutive kills quickly.

Once you’ve got the 20 killstreak secured, a ‘launch nuclear bomb’ button will appear on your hud. You’ll then be able to detonate the nuke and wipe out all of the remaining competition. Detonating the weapon grants you the Nuclear Killer and Ultimate Terminator medals.

That covers everything you need to do in order to unlock a nuke in CoD Mobile. Just hop into a few matches and you’ll be able to score that killstreak after a bit of practice.

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