CoD Mobile Season 6 teaser hints at possible Zombies mode

Andrew Highton
zombies approaching in cod mobile

The Call of Duty: Mobile Team has given the biggest hint yet that mobile players won’t have to wait too much longer for Zombies to invade CoD Mobile – with Season 6 being the likely return.

One of the most sought-after features for Call of Duty Mobile is the long-awaited reintroduction of Zombies to the game. Welcomed at the end of 2019, Zombies added even more depth to the popular, free-to-play CoD Mobile experience.

But without much warning, the mode was removed from CoD Mobile in early 2020. After indicating that the mode would be returning, it now seems like it could be sooner rather than later.

cod mobile season 5 in deep water art

On the game’s official Reddit page, the devs posted a lengthy Community Update discussing Season 5: In Deep Water and future content plans.

As well as a new trailer and multiple paragraphs describing the Season, the post’s penultimate paragraph seemed to suggest that a different type of content is on the way.

“We aren’t able to make sweeping Battle Royale changes as often and quickly as Multiplayer, but be rest assured they are still coming on top of a significant piece of new content that doesn’t quite fit into the BR or MP frameworks.

“While our seasons may be fast and dropping every month, these big content changes are tied only to the larger updates that land every two seasons.”

reddit post discussing cod mobile season 5 and 6

A massive piece of content that doesn’t fit either multiplayer or battle royale would suggest one of two things. Either CoD Mobile is about to receive some campaign content with stories and missions or the more likely scenario that Season 6 will bring about the return of Zombies.

Until it’s 100% confirmed, we’ll regard this as speculation for the time being and countdown until Season 6 is revealed.

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Image Credit: Activision