CoD Mobile Season 1: Release date, LW3-Tundra, Atrium map, more

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CoD Mobile Season 1 key art featuring new Operator skins.

After 11 successful seasons, Call of Duty Mobile Series 4 has come to an end and Series 5 Season 1 is now live bringing in new weapons, maps, and more. So here’s a quick rundown of everything new in CoD Mobile Season 1.

With CoD Mobile being one of the most popular FPS games on mobile devices, it is not surprising that fans worldwide have already started to dive into the latest. Titled Soldier’s Tale, Season 1 brings in a lot more than the standard slate of new weapons and cosmetics.

While most of the content is taken from previous Call of Duty titles, which is not unusual for CoD Mobile, the developers make sure to tweak a couple of things so you always have something new in your hands to try.

From a new Sniper Rifle to a new tactical weapon to new maps, Operator skins, and more, here’s all about CODM Season 1.

CoD Mobile Season 1 release date

CoD Mobile Season 1 arrived on January 10, 2024, at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET / 11 PM GMT, or January 11, 2024, at 12:00 AM UTC / 5:30 AM IST.

Titled Soldier’s Tale, the new season marks the start of Series 5 and introduces new weapons, skins, equipment, maps, seasonal challenges, and more.

CoD Mobile Season 1 new weapon & tactical item

CODM Season 1 saw the arrival of LW3-Tundra, a brand-new addition to the sniper roster as well as a new tactical item called Trip Sensor.

LW3-Tundra Sniper Rifle in CoD Mobile.
LW3-Tundra is a bolt-action Sniper Rifle.

Also available in Call of Duty: Warzone, LW3-Tundra has a standard magazine size of 5 rounds which can be expanded to 9 with attachments. Stats show that this new weapon is a great alternative to DL Q33 which has been the go-to sniper for many players.

Trip Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile.
The Trip Sensor’s capacity can be expanded by equipping the Tactician perk.

The brand-new Trip Sensor is a welcome addition to CoD Mobile. It works by sticking to any surface and triggers when enemies get in its proximity. It then slows them down and also reveals their exact location on the mini-map.

CoD Mobile Season 1 Atrium map

Atrium map in CoD Mobile.
Atrium was exclusively made for the Gunfight mode in Modern Warfare 2019.

Season 1 also introduces a new multiplayer map called Atrium. First seen in Modern Warfare 2019, this close combat map is now available for mobile players. It features an open ground with some cover for the most part, requiring you to go all in as soon as the battle starts.

CoD Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass and Operator skins

Various new Operator skins in CoD Mobile Season 1.
AS VAL – Night’s Howl skin is available with the Templar Operator skin.

Season 1 Battle Pass repeats the content from Season 6 2022 Battle Pass and includes Operator skins such as Sophia, Wraith, Reyes, and Ethan. Weapon Blueprints for Man-O-War, Chicom, Locus, KSP 45, and JAK-12 are also available.

The new season also features five new folktale-themed Operator skins: Templar, Codename: Lazarus, Sophia, Fiona St. George, and Witch Doctor. All of these also come with exclusive weapon skins.

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