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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD: Mobile devs announce Zombies mode is finally returning

Call of Duty: Mobile developers have confirmed that the famous Zombies mode will soon make its return to the game.



CoD Mobile Zombies mode

In a recent community update, the developers of Call of Duty: Mobile finally confirmed that the extremely popular Zombies mode will finally be making its return to the mobile game.

A few CoD: Mobile data miners recently uncovered some brand-new content when digging through the Chinese version of the battle royale. They revealed some new maps and a prestige system, but the most interesting discovery was the return of the Zombies mode.

Fans have been asking for this mode to return, and this reveal fueled a ton of speculation among the community. The developers have now verified this information, and we’ll see this classic mode in the game soon.

CoD: Mobile Zombies mode

The developers revealed the new in-game challenges, events, modes, and new operators to fans in a new community update. They then took this opportunity to address the leaks hinting at the return of Zombies mode.

In a new development that will surely excite many fans, they confirmed that these leaks were accurate, and we’ll see this mode come back to the battle royale.

“The first thing we’d like to address this week is something that is important to many players out there and always asked about every single week – ZOMBIES!” they wrote.

Zombies mode in CoD: Mobile

The original Zombies map, Shi No Numa, will soon become available in the Chinese version of CoD: Mobile. The devs are also planning to release a new Zombies experience for other regions of the world later in 2021.

This means that we’ll have to wait a bit for Zombies mode to return, but it’s reassuring to know that it’s definitely on its way, and isn’t too far away. The devs listen to what the fans want, which is how they respond to glitches so fast.

We’ll keep listening for any more announcements regarding the CoD: Mobile Zombies mode, and will update you about anything new that we learn. In the meanwhile, you can try out the various weapons, and other content in the game.

Image Credits: Activision