CoD Mobile players stunned as Roblox has better Zombies mode

CoD Mobile undead siege and Roblox Michael's zombies

Call of Duty: Mobile players have been desperate for the classic Zombies mode and were horrified to discover that Roblox has a “better” CoD Zombies than Mobile.

CoD Mobile lost its Zombies mode back in March 2020 and players were desperate for it to return. After confirming that it would be permanently gone, the devs sought to scratch players’ Zombie-slaying itch by adding Undead Siege in August 2021.

Undead Siege is more tower defense than traditional round-based Zombies, and CoD Mobile fans were shocked to discover that there’s a “better” mobile Zombies mode in… Roblox?

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CoD Mobile Zombies Undead Siege mode

The Roblox game in question is Michael’s Zombies, which includes almost everything you’d expect to see in a CoD Zombies game. Round-based and taking place in World at War’s Der Reise, it includes the Mystery Box, Ray Gun, Power-Ups, and the original audio to make it feel like an authentic Zombies experience.

Reddit user ‘Min_17x’ showed off the mobile version of Michael’s Zombies on the CoD Mobile subreddit and said: “When roblox has a better zombies than [CoD Mobile].”

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Players immediately wanted to know which game this was as it looked extremely similar to World at War Zombies – except for the Roblox art style, of course. “Cool seeing the giant again makes me wanna play it,” said one user. ‘GHOST3YT’ said: “It’s definitely better since it’s round based.”

“[CoD Mobile] cant even do the bare minimum to achieve a decent zombies experience i swear to god,” said ‘drrnvevo’. Another user said not to call Undead Siege a Zombies mode, as it’s “a tower defense mode.”

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Other CoD Mobile players also suggested checking out Zombie Uprising, Recoil Zombies, Project Lazarus, and MMC Zombies Project if they’re looking for their Zombies mode fix.

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Image Credit: Activision / Roblox