CoD Mobile brings back Classic Zombies mode with Shi No Numa

Liam Mackay
Zombies in CoD Mobile Shi No Numa

Call of Duty: Mobile players have been desperate for the round-based Classic Zombies mode to return. Luckily, it shouldn’t be far away as the mode has been added to the test server.

CoD Mobile used to feature World at War’s classic Shi No Numa map and there were plans for Nacht Der Untoten to be added as well. Unfortunately, the devs removed the Zombies mode in March 2020 because “the mode didn’t reach the level of quality we desire.”

Zombies fans were devastated, and have been calling for the mode to return ever since. While the Undead Siege spin-off mode has come and gone, Classic Zombies has been added to the Season 7 test server, meaning it’s likely on the way.

Call of Duty Mobile Shi No Numa

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 (2022) arrives in August, and leaks have indicated that it’ll bring Black Ops 4’s Switchblade X9 and the Spycraft Perk.

But out of all the leaks and content added to the test server, it’s Classic Zombies that has players most excited. By hopping into the CoD Mobile Season 7 test server, players can experience Shi No Numa Zombies once again.

YouTuber Zenix showed off Shi No Numa in the test build, revealing that Undead Siege’s Shops have been added, and players will need to activate the Pack-A-Punch to use it.

There’s no guarantee that Classic Zombies will return to the main game in Season 7, it could be held back for Season 8 or beyond. But, the mode finally returning to the test server is an encouraging sign.

If you can’t wait to get back to the Zombie-infested swamps of Shi No Numa, you can hop into CoD Vanguard. The round-based map was added with the Season 4 update, bringing the Wunderwaffe Wonder Weapon and a Main Quest easter egg.

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