Call of Duty: Mobile devs confirm Diamond Camo is coming soon

Hamza Khalid

Call of Duty fans have been anticipating the arrival of the Diamond camo in COD Mobile for two seasons. Now, the developers have officially announced when we’ll see the weapon in the game.

Weapons are the most important part of any Call of Duty game. The players with the best weapons often have the highest chances of winning multiplayer matches. This is why unlocking new guns is a popular endeavor, especially in the case of camo weapons.

Every camo you unlock in the newer games will bring you one step closer to getting a master design such as Gold. The Damascus camo from Modern Warfare was introduced to COD Mobile in Season 11, while the Diamond design was teased for the future.

Since then, players have frequently inquired about when they can expect to see the Diamond camo in the game, and the developers have finally responded to this.

Damascus camo in CoD Mobile

They dropped some information during the December 7 community update about the new weapons added to Season 13. They announced that the Peacekeeper and MP7 would be available and confirmed that we would finally see the Diamond camo in the coming season. 

A few community members asked about the weapon, and they said: “Yes! We’ll see if we can grab some shots of it to share in our next community update.”

The developers didn’t go into too much detail about when we’ll see the new gun but in terms of unlocking it, they promised that they will “try to bring that information next week too.”

This may not sound like a lot of information, but it’s a huge relief for fans after going through 2 seasons without getting answers. It’s good to know that the wait is almost over, and we look forward to grinding towards a new camo weapon.

We’ll have to wait until next week’s community update for more information on this. With Season 13 just around the corner, we’re excited to hear more.