Treyarch hints that Cold War’s Zombies Outbreak is getting new map

Andrew Highton
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The popular open-world Outbreak mode added in Season 2 of CoD: Black Ops Cold War is about to expand. Treyarch hinted at this recently with a Tweet suggesting a new map is coming to the Zombies variation.

Outbreak has been a breath of fresh air since it debuted in Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War. Zombies wasn’t exactly growing stale, but Outbreak is so different that you do wonder how we ever did without it.

The inventive game mode takes all the core elements that everyone loves about slaying the undead such as overpowered weapons, horrible new enemies, and even wacky glitches.

Its maps are quite literally pulled from Cold War’s other new mode this year – Fireteam. To show their support for Outbreak, it seems like Treyarch could be about to add another map to keep players entertained.

cod cold war sanatorium map

Outbreak already has Alpine, Golova, and Ruka as maps to keep the game rotating through. It now seems like one of CoD: Cold War’s already existing maps is about to be added to the mix.

Sanatorium was added as a new Fireteam map in the Season 1, mid-season update. Based on evidence seen in the Treyarch Tweet, it appears that Zombies are now destined to invade this area too.

Even though the Tweet is only a short GIF, one user was able to identify a key building seen during the mystical, swirling vortex.

Nanikos said, “For your information, this is Sanatorium. It’s not a new map.”

It certainly appears to be a match, and it does indeed look like Sanatorium will be on its way to the game as early as next week.

The mid-season update for Season 2 has nearly arrived in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone and Sanatorium could be a major part of those plans.

We expect this to be confirmed as part of the official mid-season roadmap.

Image credits: Treyarch