Report: Black Ops Cold War PS5 box says 285GB space – Updated

Keshav Bhat

UPDATE – Nov 4 at 1PM ET: Activision has officially announced the file size for PlayStation 5 at launch, and it’s 133GB, not 285GB. See how to pre-load Black Ops Cold War now.

The information on the box appears to be cautionary for the game over the course of future updates.

Original Story:

The first copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PS5 appears to be in the wild, and it’s given a first indication of the game’s potential file size.

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An image of the back of the PS5 box art for the game was sent to us on Twitter, and it showcases a close up at the minimum hard drive space the game will require.

The listing says the game needs 285GB space minimum, which, well, is a lot. We’d note that the physical game copy wording usually over estimates the size to account for potential post launch updates, as well as other content that may come down the line.

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But, on PS5, you can pick which modes you want to install with the different content packs, which may allow players to pick and choose the modes they want.

The game on PS5 is expected to support 4K, ray-tracing, 120Hz output, and more of the PS5 features.

Here’s the image, shared from @Kaaution:

Call of Duty has been called out for the large game sizes starting with Modern Warfare and Warzone. Those two games have taken up a lot of space on consoles and PC throughout the year, but the team has been optimized over the months to allow separate modes to be uninstalled as players want too.

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