Players frustrated with no confirmation screen in Prestige Shop in Cold War

Keshav Bhat

The Prestige Shop officially went live in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on December 18.

This new shop allows players to spend Prestige Tokens, earned by reaching new Prestiges, to get legacy Call of Duty content. The content includes Calling Cards, Emblems, Prestige Emblems, and more.

However, players have become frustrated as the Prestige Shop features no confirmation screen. We posted a tweet alerting followers to be very careful before selecting any item in the Shop, but the warning came too late for many players.

Players expressed their frustration across Twitter and Reddit over the situation. When selecting an item in the shop, players are instantly awarded that item, and loose a prestige token. There’s way no refund it.

A player on Reddit expressed his own frustration with the issue, saying that he’s now stuck with a whale calling card because he selected that on accident.

Treyarch has not commented on the situation as of now. It seems like having a confirmation screen prior to selecting an item would be very valuable for many players who are wanting to preview items before purchasing it in the Shop.