Pilotless Chopper Gunner bug gets kills outside of the map in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton

One of BOCW’s hardest-to-get Scorestreaks, the Chopper Gunner, decided to behave irrationally and leave one player outside of the map, whilst still being in full control of the pilotless vehicle.

The legendary Chopper Gunner requires a whopping 8,000pts to use and that’s more than justified due to its majorly destructive capabilities.

Introduced way back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, this godlike Scorestreak lets you pilot a helicopter equipped with powerful cannons that can wreak havoc on any area of the map. You can easily rack up kills in the double digits with this chopper alone.

But one player got more than he bargained for when his Chopper Gunner became sentient and decided to fly out of the map, with the player still inside.

chopper gunner scorestreak in cod bocw

Chopper Gunner bug in BOCW

Having one of the higher-end Scorestreaks is always a massive gamble, even if you’re a player capable of getting one, everyone can have a bad game, and sometimes it’s better to maintain the consistency of always getting a Sentry Turret & Cruise Missile for instance.

But to some, the risk is most certainly worth the reward. That was the case for SeeMoan as they worked hard to get their Chopper Gunner Scorestreak on Treyarch’s Nuketown map.

Within seconds of the attack helicopter turning up, it begins hightailing it and making a beeline for the desert, away from the conflict. Within 10 bizarre seconds, the Chopper Gunner has safely landed on the ground a good mile away from the Nuketown map.

Incredibly, our player is somehow still able to get some kills from this outrageous distance, which is either due to how extraordinarily powerful the guns on the chopper are, or there is logically no damage drop-off regardless of distance.

But just as it appears like things might work out and SeeMoan has an unlimited Chopper Gunner, the Scorestreak then turns around and leaves our player facing away from the map altogether, stuck there.

Working hard for a Sentry Turret to be destroyed in two seconds, or have your Cruise Missile instantly blown up is one thing, but earning the second-hardest Scorestreak only for it to suddenly have no pilot and fly off into the sunset is another.

We can only hope that if you’re good enough to earn a Chopper Gunner that this doesn’t happen to you – unless you’re on the enemy team of course.

Image Credits: Treyarch