New ‘Rebirth’ leaderboard added to Warzone after new update

Liam Mackay

A new leaderboard titled Rebirth has been added to Warzone following the November 9 update.

Underneath the regular leaderboards such as Score and Kills, is a brand new leaderboard called ‘Rebirth.’ As of the November 9 update, there isn’t a game mode called Rebirth in Warzone. No player has a score on it either.

Rebirth Island

In the Road Map for Black Ops Cold War Season 1 released by Treyarch and Activision, a new island location was teased. Under the Warzone section of the Road Map, it’s revealed a ‘Classified Warzone Experience’ will arrive on December 10.

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An image of redacted text accompanies the Classified Warzone Experience section. In this redacted text reads the word ‘Island’ and before it a Russian word that translates the phrase to read ‘Rebirth Island.’

Rebirth Island is the Soviet testing facility from the first Black Ops game where Nova 6 gas is developed and Mason executes Steiner.

Nova 6 gas is a biochemical weapon in the form of dark green gas that kills within 10-20 seconds of exposure. This sounds rather similar to the green gas that closes around players in Verdansk.

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With Black Ops Cold War and Warzone fully integrating in December, Nova 6 gas would be an ideal link between the Modern Warfare and Black Ops universes in Warzone.

Rebirth game mode

Many thought that Rebirth Island would be an area added Verdansk or a new map altogether. Now, it appears it might be a separate game mode.

Warzone’s leaderboard separates Plunder and Mini Royale statistics from regular Warzone as these are separate game modes. Rebirth appears at the bottom of the list, revealing it as something disconnected from regular Warzone.

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It’s possible that this could be Treyarch’s answer to Plunder – another game mode sharing core Warzone mechanics.

This appears to be another sign that Warzone is beginning to integrate with Black Ops Cold War.

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