New Cold War Season 4 Zombies leaks: Berlin Map, New Wonder Weapon & perks, more

Joseph Pascoulis
Cold war zombies season 4

The latest Call of Duty leaks has provided fans with more details on Treyarch’s plans for Zombies in Black Ops Cold War Season 4.

With Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Reloaded dropping last month, players are now looking forward to the next season of content.

Apart from new weapons, maps, and Battle Pass content, Season 4 will also be huge for those who love the Zombies mode, especially as it has been fairly dry in Season 3. That being said, new leaks have revealed some of the details on the new Zombies content arriving for next season.

Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode took a bit of a hiatus in Season 3, with the new Outbreak mode taking center stage.

Although many have enjoyed the different experiences Outbreak has brought to Zombies, featuring a much larger map than anything we’ve seen before in Zombies, fans of the mode are much more interested in seeing new maps that are more in tune with the classic Zombies layout and feel.

Some new leaks have dropped surrounding the Zombies content we could be seeing in Season 4, which will definitely get those who are more into the traditional Zombies content excited.

Cold War Season 4 Zombies leaks

Cold War Season 4 Zombies

YouTuber TheGamingRevolution dropped a video revealing these leaks for Black Ops Cold War Zombies in Season 4.

In the video, the YouTuber states that Season 4 will be releasing on June 17, and the first piece of Zombies content we can expect in the season will be the second Outbreak easter egg.

This will be a great follow-up for those invested in the Outbreak easter egg and will extend the story further. There will also be a new Wonder Weapon for the Outbreak mode, called the “the Mega Barrel.” This Wonder Weapon will most likely be part of the easter egg and will allow players to gain different abilities and attacks on their weapons.

TheGamingRevolution also states that Season 4 will likely bring new locations/maps to the Ural Mountains Outbreak map, as there are many locations players are yet to see.

Further, there have also been some recent leaks that state we will also be getting new Onslaught maps in Season 4 Zombies. Many players are theorizing that the new Onslaught maps will take place in Africa, and more specifically, Echelon, a leaked multiplayer map that is supposedly set in Africa.

New Zombies Berlin map

Cold War Season 4 Zombies

TheGamingRevolution then states that Season 4 will finally release the new survival map set in Berlin, a new traditional map those classic Zombies fans have been waiting for.

Although fans have waited a long time for a new survival map, this Berlin setting could be the perfect setting for those looking to dive into a traditional Zombies map filled with easter eggs.

It is also rumored that much like Nacht Der Untoten was part of Die Machine, Kino Der Toten will also be a section of the Berlin map.

Further, we will also be seeing some new perks, one with the second outbreak map and one with the Berlin map. TheGamingRevolution believes that Double Tap will definitely be returning in Season 4, which will get many Zombies fans excited.

However, none of these leaks for Season 4 Zombies have been officially confirmed, so they should be taken with a grain of salt at this time.

That’s all for Black Ops Cold War’s Season 4 Zombies leaks. For more, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on Cold War’s best weapons in Season 3.

Image Credits: TheGamingRevolution/Treyarch/Activision