How to get a free LT53 Kazimir Grenade & Perk in Cold War’s Mauer der Toten Zombies

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To save your Salvage and Points in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode, take advantage of this neat Easter Egg to grab a free LT53 Kazimir Grenade and even a Perk in Mauer der Toten.

Surviving as long as you can in Zombies means making the most of every bonus and getting all the help that you can. Whether it’s getting a CRBR-S Wonder Weapon for free or getting help from Klaus, make the most of what’s around you.

The LT53 is a life-saving vortex Grenade that sucks in all enemies around you and kills them, and Zombies now has up to nine different Perks to get, so a free one would save some money. So use this quick and easy method to get one, or both, of these useful tools in Call of Duty’s Mauer der Toten Zombies.

Where to get a free LT53 Kazimir & free Perk in Mauer der toten Zombies?

mauer der toten manhole

The location of this Easter Egg isn’t in the kindest of places as it’s located directly in the middle of one of Mauer der Toten’s streets.

You can find the spot in question in the “East Berlin Streets” section of the map. Next to a truck with its headlights on, you’ll see an exposed manhole protected by barbed wire.

This is where you’ll need to be to trigger the Easter Egg as the items in question will pop out of the manhole. We advise waiting until the end of a round or leave a single crawling Zombie before doing this.

How to trigger the LT53 Kazimir & free Perk Easter Egg in Mauer der Toten

lt53 kazimir grenade

Unlike Mauer der Toten’s other Main Quest Easter Egg or Evil Bunny Easter Egg, the process to complete this one is far easier and only requires a few throwables.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Either pick up or create some Frag Grenades and Stun Grenades
  2. Head to the manhole
  3. Now throw your Grenades down the hole
  4. Make sure you can hear a scream to know it’s working
  5. Keep doing this until the hole spits out either an LT53 Kazimir Grenade, a Perk, or maybe both

You can check out Clancy – Call of Duty’s full video in case you need some visual assistance.

Given that a Kazimir Grenade costs 1,500 Salvage to assemble, reduced from 2,000 thanks to the recent Season 5 update, and Perks get costlier the more you acquire, this is a great resource-saving method.

Also, be sure to check out the Cold War player setting an insane Mauer der Toten Zombies Exfil world record after five full days of playing.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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