How to easily escape Firebase Z Mimics in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton
cod bocw firebase z zombies mimic

Black Ops Cold War’s Mimics are going to be less of a problem for you with our quick and easy how-to guide on escaping them.

Firebase Z introduces some never-before-seen elements in CoD Zombies, particularly the new, horrifying Mimics. These otherworldly creatures like to teleport into your game and chase you until the end of time.

Having one of these on your tail can seriously hamper your gameplay and prevent you from creating the RAI K-84 and Pack-a-Punching it too. This handy little guide shows you to make them less troublesome and hopefully make your zombie killing a bit more stress-free.

cod bocw firebase z mimic

Escape Mimics in Black Ops Cold War

The difficulty with Mimics is you will sometimes not be facing them because you’re running to get to somewhere, or one’s dropped in next to you without you even knowing about it.

Their gross, tendril-like grabbers can poach you from afar, and you’ll be in their grasp before you know it. Luckily, there’s a simple way to get around this and guarantee your escape every time.

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If a Mimic does manage to get a hold of you, then you need to make it an instinct to press the jump button. Doing so will release you from the stranglehold of the creature and you’ll be free to go. In an environment that throws everything at you to try and kill you, it’s just a useful bit of information to help you survive a bit longer.

Furthermore, you can also use Mimics to give yourself a breather from large hordes. Allow one to capture you and it will fling you a decent distance through the crowd of the undead and allow you to get away. This is obviously not the most advisable tactic in the world, but in case of emergency, try it!

Hopefully, our quick little guide helps you to enjoy Firebase Z a bit more and keeps you ticking over until Season 2 drops with the new Outbreak mode.

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