Has the knife secretly been nerfed in Black Ops Cold War?

Andrew Highton

Whilst most players argue if the Krig-6 or the MP5 is better, expert gamers are owning CoD lobbies with just a knife. One player seems to think that the knife has received a downgrade in a recent update.

Using only a knife and nothing but a knife may not reward you with an impressive K/D ratio, but it makes for some unique content. Plus, some people enjoy the satisfaction that comes with running around a map and not firing a single bullet in an FPS game.

The practicality of this strategy has been called into question by one YouTube user that exclusively uses knives. It seems like Treyarch may have made the knife much more difficult to use in online multiplayer.

knife melee attack in bocw

Knives out?

A YouTube channel that goes by the name of TheseKnivesOnly produces regular CoD content that focuses on the knife, combat bow, and other similar equipment that won’t fire a single bullet. It’s challenging, testing, and makes for great entertainment.

He recently posted a video showing his displeasure as the knife’s animation seems to have been altered slightly. This slight tweak makes a huge amount of difference in terms of his content. In the video, he shows a before and after explaining how significant the nerf actually is.

Originally, when you used a knife and started its melee attack, the kill seemingly registered before the full animation was allowed to finish. This gave the attacker a great advantage and rewarded the player for being able to get close enough to the target.

The new animation is delayed. A kill only seems to register once the full animation is allowed to finish, and the knife makes contact with the opposition’s avatar. Logically, this half a second to a second delay drastically reduces a player’s chance of scoring a knife kill as they could be interrupted mid-animation by the enemy or someone else.

TheseKnivesOnly is understandably frustrated as it makes his job of creating this type of content harder.

Do you think this is an unfair change that wrongly punishes players that only use knives? Or is it a fair fix that that should rightly make a player complete the animation in full?

Image credits: TheseKnivesOnly, Treyarch

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