Clever Black Ops Cold War trick lets players skip guns in Dark Matter camo grind

Matt Porter
A Sniper Rifle with Dark Matter in Black Ops Cold War

Grinding for Dark Matter is one of the most arduous and time-consuming challenges any Call of Duty player can set themselves, but thanks to new DLC in Black Ops Cold War, you can now skip some guns that may have been causing you hassle.

Since it’s introduction, the Dark Matter camo has become a symbol of excellence among Call of Duty players. With an incredibly long road to unlocking, only the most dedicated can earn the right to rock it on their weapons.

To unlock the skin, players need to unlock Diamond camo in every weapon class, from Assaults Rifles to Launchers, which will then grant players the special skin.

To get Diamond is a similarly tough ask, requiring Gold camo unlocks for weapons in that weapon class, but with DLC guns now being added to the game thanks to Black Ops Cold War Season 1, one clever player has realized that it actually presents an opportunity to unlock Dark Matter easier than before.

Dark Matter in Black Ops Cold War

When looking at the required number of Gold camos to unlock Diamond, you’ll see that it doesn’t say that every gun in the weapon class must be completed, but rather that a certain number of Gold camos are required depending on the class.

For example, the SMG Diamond challenge wants five Gold camos but doesn’t specifically say all SMGs. With DLC weapons now set to be added throughout the year, this means you can actually start to skip some guns if they’re causing you issues and choose the DLC instead if it’s a weapon you prefer.

With the Groza now added to the game in the Season 1 update, you may like using it more than the heavily nerfed FFAR, meaning you can acquire Gold on it while still progressing towards Dark Matter.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can get Dark Matter by completing challenges on less weapons, but it does mean you have a little leeway to work with if you find one gun specifically frustrating to use.

Hopefully, this will help players on their Dark Matter grind, and while this tip only really works with Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles in Black Ops Cold War Season 1, as more guns are added you’ll likely be able to do this across all classes.

Image Credits: HHammi / Twitter, Treyarch

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