All Black Ops Cold War Season 6 maps: Multiplayer & Zombies

Liam Mackay
Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Amerika map gameplay

A new Black Ops Cold War Season brings, of course, some new maps. Not only will we be getting multiplayer content, but also a new round-based Zombies map – Forsaken. As the Cold War story begins to wrap up, here’s every map coming in Season 6.

After a content-rich year of Black Ops Cold War, Season 6 ushers in the end of its run. Before Vanguard is released to the world, there’s a host of new weapons, Operators, and maps coming to Cold War.

Usually, much of the seasonal content is drip-fed but with Season 6, we’re getting all of the brand-new maps at once. And in an interesting turn, there appears to be no more classic remasters arriving this season, but that could change by the time Season 6 Reloaded comes around.

Here’s every multiplayer and Zombies map coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 6.

Deprogram (6v6)

Deprogram in Black Ops Cold War Season 6

Black Ops Cold War’s story is set to wrap up in Season 6, with Adler, Mason, Woods, and Hudson heading to Verdansk to take on Stitch. This new multiplayer map, Deprogram, is directly tied to the ongoing story.

The devs revealed that “Memories from [Adler’s] convoluted past come to life as a warped combat arena.” In a Splitgate-esque move, players can use the Red Doors to “quickly traverse the map” or “be used for four-dimensional plays that can help you outsmart opponents.”

With each part representing a “fragment of Adler’s memories,” Treyarch said that this will form “one of the most unique map experiences ever seen in Call of Duty.”

Amerika (6v6)

Amerika in Black Ops Cold War Season 6

Those who have played the Black Ops Cold War campaign will recognize Amerika, one of the new 6v6 maps coming to the game. This is the Russian recreation of an American town featured in the mission Red Light, Green Light.

The “medium-sized” multiplayer map consists of the main street of a replica town, which features “a pizzeria, theater, and a Burger Town mock-up.” Devs say that players can navigate through the buildings for close-quarters battles, or hold down the area with long-range guns.

Gluboko (2v2 and 3v3)

Gluboka in Black Ops Cold War Season 6

Gunfight was one of Modern Warfare’s flagship modes, and its popularity carried it over into Black Ops Cold War. Each season, we get a new 2v2 and 3v3 map to complement this mode, and Season 6 is no different.

Gluboko takes place “in the underground vault of the KGB headquarters,” and will allow for battles in both Gunfight and Face Off, including Face Off 6v6.

Forsaken (Cold War Zombies)

Forsaken map in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Although Outbreak has been a brand-new experience Zombies experience for Cold War, players still love the classic round-based experience.

Season 6 brings in the final Zombies map with Forsaken, which is also bringing in the return of PhD Slider and a new Wonder Weapon. Forsaken takes place in a secret test site in U.S.S.R, which appears to be the same location as Red Light, Green Light and Amerika.

This map is set to host the “shocking Black Ops Cold War Zombies finale,” so expect all the chaotic Zombie-slaying action you’ve come to expect. Plus, it’s set to also have a playable arcade.

And that’s all of the new maps coming to Cold War’s multiplayer and Zombies in Season 6! Stay tuned, as if any more maps are announced, Charlie INTEL will be the first to let you know.

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Source: Call of Duty Blog

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch