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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War Outbreak Zombies invisibility glitch makes boss even harder

A terrifying Cold War Outbreak Zombies invisibility glitch has made one of the game’s toughest opponents even harder to kill.



operator fighting zombies in outbreak

Black Ops Cold War’s Orda boss has become an even tougher proposition thanks to an invisibility glitch that makes it even more dangerous to battle in Outbreak Zombies.

An invisibility glitch turning an already tanky boss into nothing but air is not ideal for long games of Cold War’s Outbreak Zombies game mode.

One of the things that make Outbreak so fun and replayable is the random nature of each game. Every time you step into the undead world, your journey is different, in terms of the regions you’ll switch between and the order of the objectives.

Many obstacles are constantly trying to get in your way and oppose your survival in Outbreak, and a new glitch that makes the Orda mini-boss invisible will test your resolve even more.

orda attacking in cold war

A truly remarkable passage of gameplay, recorded and shared by Cold War player UnipueButSimplistic, showed the added intensity provided by a disappearing Orda.

Armed with a Ray Gun and already fending off a ton of stragglers, the player was shown firing into thin air during a game of Outbreak.

Upon closer of Orda’s health bar, it was clear the towering foe, normally an intimidating sight, was actually right in front of the player.

For some reason, Orda was completely invisible, and the only way to properly distinguish its location was the stream of blocky, bugged projectiles that were being thrown at the player. There was a brief second where the Death Perception Perk allowed the player to see Orda through a tree.

This apparently isn’t a one-off glitch though as several users in the Reddit post comments shared similar experiences.

“This happens to me a lot. If you use a thermal scope, you can still see it,” said one player, and another explained “I haven’t played Outbreak much but a few times of the times I played it I had this visual bug too. It gave me weird rectangles as particles, just like you did, dogs were rainbow colors, and zombies were almost pitch black.”

These sound like consistent bugs that have been present in Outbreak for some time, and with Cold War coming to the end of its cycle and Vanguard on the way, it’s unlikely that Treyarch will address these long-standing issues.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch