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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War players discover Halloween Easter Egg in Nuketown ’84

A new Halloween-themed Easter Egg has been discovered by Black Ops Cold War players in the Nuketown ’84 map.



nuketown 84 sign in cold war

It’s officially spooky season as Treyarch has inserted a cool Halloween Easter Egg into the ever-chaotic Nuketown ’84 map.

The Call of Duty games do love a fun Easter Egg here and there. Cold War has been no different since its release, and now players have a fun one to investigate in Nuketown ’84.

Already in Black Ops Cold War, players have had to find and kill Ronald Raygun, intense games of Zombies have been interrupted by zombies dancing with a coffin, and even John McClane has his own little secret Easter Egg.

This newest Easter Egg doesn’t require the convoluted steps that some of the Zombies ones require – looking at you Outbreak and Mauer der Toten. It’s quite easy to see, and it’s a great little novelty added to the game.

park fighting on nuketown map in cold war

Reddit user CaptainPRICE, seems to be one of the first players to notice this new inclusion to the Nuketown ’84 map in Cold War.

If players make their way to one of the two garages on the map, they will need to inspect one of the shelves as a noticeable orange object now sits one of them.

Tucked away between a large toolbox and some other DIY objects now sits a Halloween pumpkin bucket filled to the brim with an assortment of candy.

At this moment in time, there doesn’t appear to be any extra additional challenges tied to Halloween just yet, so this Easter Egg is purely ornamental for now.

So far, it just seems to be Nuketown that has had a mini-makeover to celebrate Halloween, and it’s possible that other maps in Black Ops Cold War also have a horror secret or two hidden away in them.

As we get closer to Warzone’s ‘The Haunting’ Event, we may begin to see even more Halloween items appear in Cold War’s large selection of maps.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch