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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

CoD Zombies’ PhD Flopper Perk returns with one major change

Fans of classic CoD Zombies will fondly remember the PhD Flopper Perk, and it will return in Cold War Season 6 with a big change.



cold war PhD Perk

Call of Duty: Black Ops I and II fans will remember the PhD Flopper Perk that made Zombies more explosive. It returns in Cold War Season 6, but with a slight twist.

CoD Zombies without Perks is a strange concept, but that’s how the adventure started in World at War with Nacht der Untoten. Fast-forward to Black Ops Cold War, and the game will have 10 Perks for players to buy, including the new PhD Perk.

Unless you played Black Ops IIII, then maybe players will not know that the Perk has evolved since its PhD Flopper days, and will be introduced as PhD Slider.

PhD flopper machine

The first two Black Ops games allowed players to utilize the ‘dive to prone’ mechanic, essentially running and flopping to the ground. The mechanic hasn’t been seen since CoD: WW2, with players only able to slide instead now.

In typical satirical Zombies fashion, the PhD Flopper Perk encouraged players to get up their speed and do a big dive at a Zombie to create a big explosion. Despite the dive to prone mechanic being AWOL, the Perk is still making a comeback in Season 6 Zombies.

Treyarch posted a teaser for the Perk as they begin to hype up the final round-based Zombies map in Cold War – Forsaken.

The 9-second audio clip distinctly mentions PhD, and the background also blatantly shares the same color scheme as the Perk too.

As we said, PhD Flopper will be returning in its Black Ops IIII form, PhD Slider, and you’ll want to be getting up a full head of steam to cause big damage.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch