Black Ops Cold War players think Double XP Tokens have a major flaw

Andrew Highton
cod cold war xp token

Cold War players are desperate for Treyarch to amend the way in which Double XP tokens are used in the game as they believe they are being wasted.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has hundreds of player levels to progress through each season, dozens of Weapon Levels to grind, and a full, new Battle Pass. Experience points are a recognized system used in video games for decades, and we all strive to maximize it.

CoD is no different, and if anything, XP is even more crucial because it gets players to Scorestreaks quicker and unlocks new weapons and attachments even faster. Call of Duty games offer Double XP Weekends that provide lots of extra XP to earn, but outside of these players can make use of limited tokens to provide further support.

cod cold war gameplay

But Black Ops Cold War players believe that there is a fundamental flaw in the Double XP token system that reduces their effectiveness.

Reddit user Zyandr says, “Why oh why does the timer still go down when you’re not even in-game yet? Just spent 3 minutes of my 15-minute timer trying to find a match.

“It should only count for in-game time as this is how every XP token works has worked in previous CoDs, but starting with MW they changed it. How it still is a thing? I don’t understand.”

A reply to the thread offered their thoughts on the token issue saying, “Because they want to make it hard for you to have an edge. Activision wants you to spend money and time, no fun allowed. I used to do the trials in Modern Warfare but when I put on a token to give me more XP it actually gave me less.”

It does seem rather harsh to penalize player’s valuable Double XP time when they’re not even in a match, further increasing the grind.

An efficient system might be to tie a certain amount of matches to a token, and the token expiring after the allotted matches have been entered.

If you’re looking for extra XP tokens, you can enable Call of Duty Two-Factor Authentication or claim some through the Playstation Play at Home event.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch