Black Ops Cold War players beg Treyarch to introduce spawn protection

Andrew Highton
cod cold war nuketown

Cold War players are reaching out to Treyarch in the hope of having the latest Call of Duty’s spawns fixed and protected more.

Call of Duty has had numerous issues with spawn protection over the years, but Cold War has amplified some of these issues with particular maps that seem geared towards encouraging spawn killing. In our things we want to see in Season 3 list, we made mention of this very issue.

It continues to burrow its way into most games of Black Ops Cold War, and players have had enough. One solution mentioned is to provide players with some temporary immunity that lasts for a second or two to at least allow players some respite and time to prepare.

cod nuketown spawn

In our ranking of every single Black Ops Cold War map, we noted that certain maps such as Crossroads and Satellite seem to have blatantly exposed spawn areas that get taken advantage of regularly.

The thought seems to have been echoed by supersumo45 who thinks that Cold War players need some form of spawn protection.

“Treyarch if you’re going to repeatedly spawn me in the middle of someone’s crosshairs, can I at least get just 1 second of protection against bullets, not just explosions? So I at least have the slimmest chance of fighting back? Or just don’t spawn me in the middle of a bullet’s path. That works too.”

The outstanding contributor to this problem would be the exceedingly popular Nuketown map which has always been notorious for its haphazard spawning. Part of Nuketown’s charm has always been its unpredictability and element of chaos, with players often spawning in the same spawn as the other team.

A commenter on the post said, “Spawn protection from bullets being shot through soft walls would be nice,” whereas another chimed in saying, “Just like Modern Warfare should’ve had you should be invincible during that stupid gun cocking animation when you spawn, you can’t shoot anyway until it’s over.”

It’s definitely a feature that could improve Black Ops Cold War, but given that we’re so far into the game’s release, you’d think Treyarch would have addressed it by now if it was deemed to be a big issue.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch