Black Ops Cold War players are desperate for new Launcher content

Andrew Highton
black ops cold war cigma launcher

Launchers can be a valuable tool in bringing down top-tier Scorestreaks and also a fun weapon to use on enemies. But Black Ops Cold War players don’t think enough love has been shown to them and want more Launcher content.

Assault Rifles and SMGs are usually everybody’s go-to when it comes to a competitive FPS like Call of Duty. Cold War and Warzone tend to be no different, yet you get the occasional player that enjoys using only Melee weapons, and some enjoy Launchers.

Some of the Black Ops Cold War community believe that Treyarch has neglected the class and focused on other areas of the game instead.

reloading a black ops cold war gold rpg

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War went live with two Launchers to its name, and now into the game’s fourth season, Treyarch has still not added another one to the ranks.

In that time, every other category of weapon has gained at least one new Weapon. Pistols have gained the AMP63, LMGs have gained the MG 82, and even Tactical Rifles have welcomed the CARV.2.

Players feel that Launchers have been conspicuously overlooked with one Reddit user saying, “We need some Launcher Blueprints. The Launchers have been untouched since launch.”

Other commenters said, “I was thinking about this the other day they should make tracer ammo for the Launchers…and maybe bring a new one out,?” and also that “They could honestly make some bad*ss Mastercrafts out of Launchers.

“If they really wanted to show love to the Zombies community, they could make an RPG Mastercraft that looks like the reality inversion warheads from the main Easter Egg on Outbreak and give it as a reward for completing it.”

By comparison, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has four different launchers for players to use, each with defining characteristics that make them stand out. Add these, plus Cold War’s, and Warzone actually has six different ones to use.

It’s taken a few months for a new LMG to be added to Black Ops Cold War, so it’s entirely possible that Season 5 will finally welcome a new Launcher.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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