Cold War PhD Flopper perk teased for Forsaken Zombies map

Nicholas Barth
Black Ops Cold War PhD Flopper Perk

Forsaken is the final round-based Zombies map added to the Black Ops Cold War in Season 6, and Treyarch Studios have officially teased the PhD Flopper perk will become available for players to use in this new undead experience.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies has been very successful over the past year, as players have enjoyed the maps and experiences the latest Call of Duty has offered.

The excitement in the Call of Duty Zombies community is once again at an extremely high level, as Treyarch Studios recently revealed that the Forsaken Zombies map will be coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 6 when it launches on October 7.

In addition to the name and release date of the new round-based Zombies map, Treyarch Studios has also teased that the PhD Flopper perk will be coming to Forsaken.

Black Ops Cold War PhD Flopper perk

Treyarch Studios took to its Twitter account on September 29, 2021, and posted a short video clip showcasing the logo of the PhD Flopper perk and a catchy jingle that appeared to be a theme song for the Cold War PhD Flopper perk.

In past games, this perk negated any damage that a player could inflict on themselves, which allowed players to go crazy with explosives and not worry about possibly eliminating themselves.

It also allowed players to create an explosion when they dove off a height that would typically damage them.

However, with the diving mechanic not in Black Ops Cold War, it remains to be seen if this feature of the Cold War PhD Flopper perk will be the same or if Treyarch Studios has made changes to this perk for the Forsaken map.

There is no doubt that many Call of Duty Zombies players will be very excited to test out the Cold War PhD Flopper perk and see what kind of action-packed fun they can get into in Season 6 of the first-person shooter.

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