Black Ops Cold War fans call for major changes to knifing

Andrew Highton
cod bocw combat knife

The knife is a popular weapon of choice for some CoD gamers due to its swift and deadly nature. However, Black Ops Cold War fans are growing tired of the weapon’s hit detection issues and want to see changes.

Whereas most people are trying to decide between some of BOCW’s most powerful guns, be it a Krig-6, a DMR, or even a MAC-10, some like to wield a knife.

Despite its obvious limitations, the knife is perfect for ending enemies with a single quick swipe of the blade. When combined with complimentary perks such as Ninja, removing most of the sound you make so you can get in close, the knife becomes a versatile alternative. But a few weeks ago we reported that the knife had secretly been nerfed, and in the weeks between, it appears that nothing has changed.

cod bocw combat knife

Upon the game’s launch, the knife had a speedy animation that registered a kill very quickly and some people may have viewed it as too quick. The reality is that to use the knife, you have to ensure that you’re next to an opponent at all times and sacrifice range.

As Reddit user jamesswazz demonstrated, even being up close and personal doesn’t always guarantee a one-hit kill with the knife. The video they have shared shows them lying in wait for their opponent in the Fireteam mode.

After planting a bomb, the player quickly scurried into a room and hid in the corner of the doorway – and waited for their victim. The enemy stormed into the room and our player pounced on them with not one but two strikes.

The first attack looks like it possibly clipped the opposition, but the second attack feels like it almost certainly should’ve registered.

Instead, our player is quickly taken out and is left to rue what could’ve been. The original knife on launch would pretty much kill someone halfway through its animation. Whilst now, it seems that the full attack needs to be completed to achieve a knife kill.

A couple of massively upvoted comments agreed with the notion of the knife needing to be buffed. One user said, “Nah mate you should have killed him 2 times over again 100% the games fault and they need to hurry and fix bugs like this.”

Another person jokingly chimed in, “Well obviously you missed because of recoil.”

Given that there’s already a huge drop-off in attacking potential by using the knife, it now seems extremely counter-productive to actually use it at all.

With some more recognition and notice, Treyarch may decide to revert the knife back to its old state. Until then, it remains an unconvincing and unusable weapon of choice for many.

Image credits: Treyarch

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