Black Ops Cold War campaign developed by Raven

Keshav Bhat

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign is a direct sequel to Black Ops 1, Raven has confirmed.

During a virtual brief of the title, Raven Software’s Creative Director spoke at length as to how the studio built Black Ops Cold War’s campaign. 

Treyarch’s Dan Bunting said that in order to get this game out in time for next-gen launch, they partnered with Raven on making the campaign. 

Raven was already in the process of designing a Cold War based campaign. The Know Your History Call of Duty teaser trailer was actually the very first set/mood piece Raven created for this game years back. Treyarch says the campaign Raven is creating is ‘worthy’ of the Black Ops name. 

Black Ops Cold War campaign will feature what players expect out of a Black Ops game: the conspiracy theories that drive the player through the story with the mind-bending moments as usual. 

With the campaign being set in 1981, it laid out the perfect time period to tie in the essence of Black Ops to it. The conspiracy around the Presidential election, the arms race, fear of WW3, and more all contribute to the overall story of the title. 

Raven says that 1981 has everything “we need to create an immersive narrative” with “covert operations to high action.”

With the partnership in mind, Raven is focused on the campaign aspect of Black Ops Cold War, while Treyarch is focused on the other modes of the game. 

Raven continues to work on Call of Duty: Warzone as well.

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