Music artist in leaked Battlefield 2021 teaser says trailer coming “this week”

Liam Mackay
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Music artist 2WEI, whose music appeared to feature in the leaked audio for the Battlefield 6 teaser, has said that a trailer featuring their music is “coming this week.”

Ever since DICE and EA said that the Battlefield 2021 reveal is coming “soon,” players have been desperate to see what’s next for the shooter franchise. A ton of information has been leaked, mostly from industry insider Tom Henderson, but audio from the trailer was anonymously posted online last week.

Battlefield fans used the music app Shazam to figure out what the track featured in the trailer was, and it landed on ‘Run Baby Run‘ by 2WEI featuring Ali Christenhusz. Henderson then confirmed that this was indeed the song he heard in the trailer he has early access to.

2WEI, the artist featured in the leaked audio, who has composed songs for the Wonder Woman and Darkest Hour trailers, tweeted that “Two new game trailers with our music coming this week.”

Since their music was featured in this leaked trailer audio, the Battlefield community immediately speculated that the Battlefield 2021 trailer would drop this week.

To further add to this speculation, 2WEI liked one of Tom Henderson’s tweets in which he drew a combat robot dog. There is of course no guarantee that any of this is true, but it all seems too much of a coincidence.

A trailer dropping “this week” (May 10) would line up with an early prediction that the trailer would launch after EA’s investor call on Tuesday, May 11. There is still no official confirmation that the trailer will launch this week, but 2WEI’s tweet along with early predictions make it likely.

For the trailer itself, Tom Henderson has described how it “looks like a movie” and will feature a rocket launch, a massive storm, but may leave more questions than answers.

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Image Credit: EA / DICE

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