Battlefield 2042 devs respond to calls for Server Browser to finally be added

Liam Mackay
Battlefield 2042 players in Season 2 Stranded map

The Server Browser has long been a staple of the Battlefield franchise, allowing players to find a match that perfectly suits their preferences. The feature was missing from Battlefield 2042 and hearing the pleas, DICE have responded.

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 brought more weapons, a brand-new map, and quality of life updates to help get the game into the state it was always meant to be. While players are delighted with the menu overhaul, they’re still calling for a dedicated Server Browser.

The Server Browser features in every Battlefield game, allowing players to find games full servers on the maps and modes they want to play, and is especially useful for players in regions with low player counts.

DICE sat down to discuss all of Season 2’s new content and what’s to come with the Season 2 Dev Corner stream. They confirmed they’ve heard the Server Browser requests loud and clear but it’s not good news for those that have been calling for it.

“One thing we wanted to help manage your expectations on is the requests we’ve tracked since launch to bring a server browser to All Out Warfare,” explained DICE Community Manager Tom Straatman. “Presently we have no plans to introduce a second Server Browser or modify the existing Portal Server Browser experience to include All Out Warfare.”

While the Season 2 update made joining up with friends much easier, Straatman confirmed that “when it comes to a Server Browser specifically for All Out Warfare, we’re currently not pursuing this. We’ve had a lot of questions on this so wanted to make sure you got an answer.”

They do want to bring persistent servers to Battlefield Portal, though. “This is something that we’re looking for solutions on and will offer more details to share on that once we’ve got those plans more firmly shaped up,” he concluded.

Battlefield’s devs are well aware of the game’s criticism and even poked fun at themselves with a new Season 2 cosmetic.

Image Credit: DICE / EA

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