Former Battlefield devs launch ‘TTK Games’ studio to create “completely new” shooter

battlefield 2042 concept artEA / DICE

Fans of Battlefield will be excited to hear that former devs have joined forces and officially launched a AAA development studio that will be working on a brand-new shooter.

Battlefield is one of the most prominent shooter titles in gaming, consistently competing with Call of Duty. While Battlefield 2042 wasn’t the most popular when it first launched, updates have certainly improved the experience, and players are now enjoying the game.

Some of DICE’s previous Battlefield titles have been among the most popular and beloved shooters in the industry, as the franchise has a very distinct style of sprawling battlefields and infantry versus vehicle combat compared to other games in the shooter genre.

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This style has many fans, and luckily for these players, former DICE developers who worked on previous Battlefield games have decided to band together and create their own studio called Time to Kill Games.

Ex-Battlefield devs Daniel Berlin, Lars Gustavsson, Vidar Nygren, and Peter Hoyles are behind the new studio, and with the May 23, 2023 announcement, they also revealed that the studio will be “building a completely new online-shooter IP.”

We don’t have many details on this new shooter, apart from the fact that it will be an online multiplayer shooter. In Time To Kill’s interview with GamesIndustrybiz, it was also revealed that the game will be built using Unreal Engine, as opposed to EA’s Frostbite which Battlefield uses.

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The Time To Kill devs also stated that they’re excited to work with “all the new tools” that Unreal Engine provides, hoping to make something that will connect and “change people’s lives.”

As more information regarding this new studio’s shooter is released, we’ll be sure to cover it so stay tuned.

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