Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive event: Start date, Control LTM, challenges, rewards

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Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive new event

The upcoming event Arkangel Directive of Battlefield 2042 is just around the corner, and here is a complete guide with everything you need to know, from the start date to the challenges and rewards available.

We are around Battlefield 2042 Season 5‘s halfway point, which means one thing, we are getting closer to the next event in DICE’s game. Titled Arkangel Directive, once again the developer will introduce a series of challenges where players will able to earn incredible cosmetics in a new time-limited game mode.

Several details have already been revealed, such as the event’s name, rewards, and most importantly, the start and end dates of the event. If you’re not yet informed, here is everything you need to know about the new event in Battlefield 2042, Arkangel Directive.

Vehicles Battlefield 2042 new event
Vehicles will be key to winning games during the Arkangel Directive event.

Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive start date

As confirmed by EA, BF2042’s Arkangel Directive event will begin on July 11 at 12 PM UTC and will last for two weeks until July 25 at 12 PM UTC. During this period players will need to earn as many Ribbons as possible, which can then be exchanged for event rewards.

Battlefield 2042 Control LTM explained

This new time-limited game mode match-up two teams of 24 players against each other across Reclaimed, Orbital, and Valparaiso. The main objective, as the name suggests, is to control and hold different objectives to earn as many points as possible.

Those players who perform best in the matches will be rewarded with Arkangel Points. These points can be used in-game to call in vehicles that can potentially change the outcome of the match.

Play the new time-limited game mode Control to earn Ribbons and redeem them for in-game cosmetics.

Control is the new time-limited game mode in Battlefield 2042
Control is the new time-limited game mode in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive: All event rewards

According to devs, this Battlefield 2042 event will offer six rewards and the only way to obtain them is by redeeming them with the Ribbons earned in Control. Here is the list of rewards according to the respective week of the Arkangel Directive event:

  • Week 1 Rewards
    • Rare background “Paradigm Shift”
    • Epic Charm “Final Sleep”
    • Epic Weapon Skin “Force Fusion”
  • Week 2 Rewards
    • Rare background “Expendable”
    • Epic Headgear “Interneural”
    • Epic Weapon Skin “Binary Charge”

Furthermore, if you have saved up some BFC in the store, three bundles will be available:

  • “Ascendant Weapon” bundle – 1400 BFC
  • “Ascendant Warrior” bundle – 1750 BFC
  • “Arkangel Bundle” which includes all Arkangel Directive Store items – 2400BFC

As more Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive event information is released by the devs, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

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