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How to play Battlefield 2042 for free on PC & PlayStation

FPS fans may be excited to hear that there is an easy way to play Battlefield 2042 for free on PC and PlayStation. Here are all the details.



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If you’re interested in giving Battlefield 2042 a try but haven’t gotten around to buying it, you’re in luck. Battlefield 2042 is free for a short time on PlayStation, and PC so here’s how to play it for free.

Battlefield 2042 suffered from a rocky launch compared to its previous installments, but DICE have made significant changes since launch, with the Season 4 update bringing new content and the game receiving a class system.

DICE are allowing players on PlayStation, and PC to try out the game completely for free in order to check out all the new additions in Season 4. Here’s how to play Battlefield 2042 for free, including all of its free-to-play dates and times.

How to play Battlefield 2042 free on PC & PlayStation

Battlefield 2042 is available completely free for a limited amount of time on PC via Steam from 10 AM PT on March 13 to 10 AM PT on March 16.

PlayStation users can also get their hands on Battlefield 2042 through the PS Plus subscription service. However, they’ll need to be subscribed to at least PS Plus Essential to get the game.

Here’s how to get Battlefield 2042 free on PC:

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Search for Battlefield 2042 in the Store.
  3. Scroll down to where it says Play for free.
  4. Add the game to your library.
  5. Download it and launch the game.

If you’re a PlayStation user, here’s how to get Battlefield 2042 free via PS Plus:

  1. Go to the Games home screen.
  2. Select PlayStation Plus.
  3. Scroll to Benefits.
  4. Select Game Catalog.
  5. Choose Battlefield 2042.
  6. Press Download.

This free period will allow you to access Battlefield 2042’s full game, including the brand-new Season 4 content such as a new close-quarters map, light tank, weapons, as well as a recon specialist.

battlefield 2042 season 4
Battlefield 2042 Season 4 is now out.

Be sure to hop into Battlefield 2042 and play it for free before this limited-time period passes.

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Image Credits: DICE